August 3, 2022

He crashed into a glass ceiling under his fired boss.

But under Barry Robson, Aberdeen showed that he still had a bottle to get back on the table.


Interim boss Barry Robson
Dawn chairman Dave Carmic


Dawn chairman Dave Carmic

Aberdeen suffered another disappointing loss when they initially headed for St. John’s Stone.

But Lewis Ferguson, the man some fans turned on after losing to Motherwell on Saturday, saved a point.

In doing so, he broke the saint’s hopes of climbing under the table.


Aberdeen: Lewis 6, Mackenzie 4 (Montgomery 51, 3), Gallagher 3 (Besoigen 45, 3), Bates 6, Ramsay 7, Brown 4 (Ojo 64, 3), Ferguson 6, Kennedy 5 (Emmanuel-Thomas 72, 72) )), Baron 7 (Star Man)Hayes 7, Ramirez 6

St. John’s Stone: Clark 4 (parish 41, 5), Brown 6, Gordon 7, McCart 7, Crawford 6, Booth 6, Clary 6, Butterfield 5, Hallberg 6 (Gallacher 72, 2), Hendry 6 (May 59) , 3), Middleton 7

He also bought some valuable time for Chairman Dave Carmack as he went through the process of finding a new man.

And in the meantime, Robson suggested to many of his players that it was right to go for the empty glass.

The interim boss wasted no time in making the five changes, which cost Glass his job at Fir Park.

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Joe Lewis returned to the goal after illness and Calvin Ramsay and Jack McKenzie both came.

Winger Matt Kennedy returns and teenager Connor Baron gets his first start in midfield.

Calum Booth, along with James Brown, Jacob Butterfield and Melker Hallberg, was one of the four cents changes.

And it was Davidson’s side that moved forward with just six minutes on the clock.

Glenn Middleton returned Johnny Hayes to the left of the Saints and headed for the area.

Column Hendry celebrates the opener against the old club


Column Hendry celebrates the opener against the old club

He cut through and fired in a low effort that only Lewis could perry.

Ali Crawford was following up and his goal-bound attempt was stopped.

But Hendry, who was on loan at Donnes last season, was there to turn the ball around at home.

This was the worst possible start for red men given their recent appearance.

And to make matters worse, Ferguson was bowled by his own fans when he touched the ball.

This was in response to their response when they went to Fair Park over the weekend.

But instead of feeling sorry for himself, Downs dug in and created opportunities as soon as they were half-dressed.

Baron dropped his kick in front of the goal after being charged under Hayes’ header.

Ferguson equalized by chance.


Ferguson equalized by chance.

Xander Clarke then turned Scott Brown’s shot from a distance into his crossbar.

Clarke made another great stop on the right after Baron’s good play to dismiss Hayes.

The young man was justifying Robson’s faith in it with many good touches.

The problem with the home side was that the senators were happy to take the lead.

And the Perth side saw danger whenever they got a chance to hit the brakes.

Scott Brown was replaced due to injury.


Scott Brown was replaced due to injury.

David Bates stepped in to dismiss Hendry after a better play by Middleton from the right.

At the other end, Clarke scored Ferguson in the corner in the 37th minute.

Baron slightly widened an attempt on Clarke’s right post two minutes later.

But the keeper, who needed treatment moments ago, lay on the ground.

And he made his way to Elite Parish four minutes before the break.

Christian Ramirez immediately tried to test the new man, but his shot became too wide.

Ferguson then made a last-ditch effort, but his shot went straight to the sub-keeper.

Robson switched attacking with Vicente Besuijen replacing Declan Gallagher at break.

Barry Robson


Barry Robson

He saw Bates as well as Captain Brown at the center.

And Adam Montgomery replaced McKenzie in the 51st minute.

Dan Cleary was shown the game’s first yellow card for shaking the on-line celts.

And Jacob Butterfield was to be carded to pull on Besogen.

Due to Dawn, however, no help was forthcoming when Brown left an hour later.

But his replacement was key in bringing the game back into the game in the 70th minute.

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Fenso Ojo’s ball bounced off Calvin Ramsay, who was caught by Colum Booth running in the area.

Referee Gavin Duncan pointed to the spot without hesitation.

And Ferguson left the first Gerz to send the parish wrongly to level the game.

Besogen had the ball in the net in the 76th minute but the flag had already gone up.

Ferguson headed wide from Ramsay’s deep cross to the back post in injury time.

And Parish made a brilliant late stop to dismiss the Ramirez, keeping the striker’s header out.

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