May 26, 2022

The two Green Free Ports offered in Scotland are part of Boris Johnson’s leveling-up agenda and are aimed at reducing tax breaks and business tariffs.

However, the SNP trade union group said the decision to work with the UK government “threatens to weaken the revolution” and open illegal doors for the Scottish economy.

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The SNP initially disagreed with the implementation of the free port.

The Scottish Government intends to adopt the UK’s proposal to establish free ports to make them green ports. In the race are Roseth, Dundee, Hunterston, Orkney, Cromarty Firth and Aberdeen. (Photo by Jeff J. Mitchell / Getty Images)

However, Finance Secretary Kate Forbes said on Monday that the Scottish government had recently agreed to a free port based on changes to the agreement with the British government.

These changes include equal decision-making powers at the Scottish and British ports, focus on reaching Net Zero by 2045 and embedding fair work.

Nevertheless, Trade Union Group convener Bill Ramsay, who has more than 14,000 members, told The Herald: “We have concerns about the introduction of a free port in Scotland.

“Last year our party agreed on six clear terms that we think are intolerable – conditions that also apply to the various types of Greenport, which were rejected by the SNP party conference in September 2021. Had given

“Of course we recognize that as long as Scotland is part of the UK the administration of any Scottish transition has a duty to work with the UK government, and to reduce any such UK government policy or Try to minimize what is potentially detrimental to Scotland.

“In view of this, the decision to deal with the UK government on these regulated zones risks damaging deviations and opening up a dangerous unorganized backdoor in the Scottish economy.”

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Mr Ramsay added that the group would raise its concerns with the SNP’s National Executive Committee and would seek an “immediate response” from the Scottish Government’s finance secretary, Kate Forbes, on whether Freeport and Green were part of the SNP’s policy. How all six terms for the port have been agreed upon. Will be met

The motion, adopted by the SNP conference, expressed concern that “free port proposals by the UK government are part of the agenda to weaken devolution” and that free port has historically been linked to “money laundering and money laundering”. Have been a haven for crimes such as trafficking. “

The motion also states that Freeport allows its employees to “eliminate workers’ salaries and conditions.”

It added: “The only way to run a free port is to consider the whole community in which it exists and to be just and fair to all; and to the proper staff control of all relevant agencies. With – not just in the immediate vicinity, but in the wider geographical area. “

Here are six policy points:

– All businesses within them must “pay the minimum wage, as well as adhere to fair working practices.”

– Mandatory trade union identification

– All businesses in Freeport to help target Scottish Net Zero targets

– Local councils are fully funded to deal with the free port.

– Full compensation for local communities severely affected by free ports, paid through businesses operating within it.

– Complete health and safety, environmental and other law enforcement agencies are operating within the free port.

The motion concludes: “The Conference therefore agrees that Freeport should not be established or permitted within Scotland, without fully complying with the above six requirements.”

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