May 26, 2022
SWG3 has become one of Glasgow’s most popular live music venues in recent years. Photo: Ryan Johnston

The city’s marketing chiefs have teamed up with the national tourism agency VisitScotland to help revitalize the city’s locations and nightlife as Glasgow emerges from nearly two years of curb restrictions.

In addition to highlighting upcoming concerts and festivals, the new campaign – Glasgow: Music Non-Stop – tours of the city’s musical heritage, music-themed hotels, where the best record shops and live music pubs can be found, and Will showcase the best music. – Kept the secrets of the scene.

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A dedicated page on the official “People Mac Glasgow” website Now offers visitors tips to fill their day and night with music-related events and activities.

A promotional video featuring the up and coming Glasgow indie rock band Voodoo’s Track Young Punks was unveiled today to launch the campaign, which will also include a mix of digital and social media ads. The city has also joined forces with rail operator Onti West Glasgow to help influence the music break.

The new marketing drive is designed to revitalize and support an industry that averages about 130 gigs, shows and events per week in Glasgow before the epidemic strikes in March 2020.

Live music events in the city cost an estimated £ 160 million a year ago from Covid, more than a third of the industry’s value across Scotland.

The campaign was unveiled almost four years after Glasgow was urged to do more to promote itself as a music city around the world, with suggestions that it should be based in Detroit, Berlin and May be twinning with other music cities like Paris.

A huge crowd at King Tit’s Wow Wow Hut in Glasgow. Photo: Ryan Johnston

Research by Glasgow Life, which guides the city’s global development efforts, and Scottish Enterprise found that the city failed to take advantage of being declared the first UNESCO music city in 2008, to assess the value of the industry. Was not applying, it had extra capacity. By encouraging people to come to the city for most of its venues and for concerts, it can earn millions more for the economy.

Gasgow has the highest density of higher education institutions offering music courses, and Scotland has the largest population of music students. Music manpower

Jim Clarkson, Regional Director of VisitScotland, who has funded the مہم 90,000 for the new campaign, said: The medium to long term area helps to reach new audiences in the local market.

The new campaign was unveiled weeks after it was revealed that Glasgow’s musical heritage was to be displayed on city tour buses.

The TRNSMT Music Festival will be held in Glasgow Green in July. Photo: Ryan Buchanan

Singer and songwriter Eddie Reader has become an official guide to the city’s musical hotspots after recording statements for open top buses. Scottish music critic Fiona Shepherd has joined forces with the tour company CitySite See Glasgow and the singer to explore the city’s musical history.

David MacDonald, head of Glasgow Life, said: “Glasgow has a global reputation as a live music hotspot. Our locations carry a lot more than their weight internationally. Placed in five fields – and the passion and enthusiasm of our audience is unparalleled.

“We are also home to some of the wonderful tours and guest experiences, which go deep into our city’s vast musical heritage. These are the credentials that make Glasgow a must-see place for some of the world’s greatest artists and promoters.” And that’s one of the reasons why visitors choose to come here. “

Pedro Marcoquelli, Woodward’s frontman, said: “From my time playing and participating in the Gig, I can safely say that there is no better place for the Gig than Glasgow.

“Crowds are always electric and the atmosphere is everywhere in the UK – I’m sure all the top artists will agree.

“There’s something different about the Glasgow crowd and it’s one of the most important things that inspired me to get into music.”

The new campaign will promote flagship events such as Scotland’s largest music festival, TRNSMT, and Celtic Connections, with popular venues such as Barrowland Ballroom, Hydro, King Tut’s and SWG3, and City Links with various functions such as Lulu, Donovan. , Marmalade, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Simple Brain, Travis, Mogwai, Franz Ferdinand, Ballet & Sebastian & Chevrolet.

Geoff Ellis, head of Glasgow-based promoters DF Concerts, said: “Glasgow is a city that is world-renowned for its music scene, so it’s great to see the investment from Glasgow Life that the industry Will help restore

“We are on our way to achieving the busiest summer on record live music in Scotland, so it is important now to keep Glasgow’s music offering in the spotlight, which is the purpose of this campaign.”

Donald Shaw, Creative Producer at Celtic Connections, said: “The city of Glasgow is known internationally for its passion and expertise in music innovation and the experience of an unparalleled live event – all with incredible artists, promoters, technical staff and Of course, made possible by the world’s best audience.

Celtic Connections is proud to be part of Glasgow’s rich musical ecosystem and to revitalize the city with performances, workshops, collaborations, sessions and more each winter, an impressive start to the year and winter nights. To enlighten. “

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