May 24, 2022

Homeowners’ biggest hassles when relocating are waiting for Wi-Fi to be installed, waiting for a transfer date – and dealing with bad weather.

In a study of 2,000 adults who had difficulty moving, 60% found the experience ‘stressful’, while 40% were frustrated because many aspects were out of their control.

Out of the top 20 Big Bears, he had to deal with estate agents and lawyers and was unable to squeeze furniture into the new property.

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Three out of 10 also had nightmares about cleaning up after their previous owners.

Unexpected expenses increase.

It also found that about half faced unexpected expenses when they moved, and about one in four of them were shocked by the estate agent’s fees.

Homeowners charge an estimated 8 2,800 for an estate agent’s fee – more than a tenth, claiming they spent less on actually decorating their new home.

Sam Mitchell, CEO of Fee Free Estate Agent Strike, who began researching the nationwide launch of his Moving Hub platform, said: “Moving home can be a costly and stressful process, and unfortunately Too many sellers feel.

“They should be able to put their hard-earned cash into their new home, instead of wasting it on higher fees.

“Being able to remove the estate agent’s fees from the process gives the customer back the power to spend their money on things that really matter – and we’re here for everyone who sells. They want a stress-free experience that keeps them in check. “

Homeowners also incur an average of £ 2,322 in additional expenses for which they did not budget for relocation.

And about 4 out of 10 (38%) felt the fees were unfair, with one-third expressing happiness that the state agent should be completely excluded from the process if possible.

In fact, the estate agent’s fee ranks high on the list of life’s biggest rip-offs – just behind the choice of snacks in hospital parking and cinemas.

Instead, 76% of people would prefer to spend that cash on building their own property – a new kitchen dream for homeowners if they can set it free.

Six out of 10 (58%) were particularly annoyed with estate agent fees because they had no idea what they were covering.

The study also found that people who have sold a property in the last five years have visited six properties before moving into their current home.

Sam Mitchell from Strike added: “Moving to a new property should be a memorable milestone – but it seems that for many people the experience is negative, the lost fees are often the cause of their stress and unhappiness.

“Our dynamic hub eliminates all the usual stress that comes with buying and selling a home and ensures a more efficient and effective experience for all parties involved.”

Top 20 Animated Big Bears

1. Lawyers are not coming back to you.

2. Extortion fees

3. Delay by sellers

4. Dealing with lawyers

5. Waiting for the transfer date

6. Arranging services such as electricity, subscriptions, etc.

7. Unexpected fees

8. Rain during the day

9. Waiting for Wi-Fi to be installed

10. New house getting dirty

11. Dealing with estate agents

12. Spending on packing boxes

13. Noisy new neighbors

14. To redirect the post.

15. Not being able to fit furniture through the front door

16. Moments turn into dynamic days.

17. Negotiate with sellers

18. Find out the holes / scratches that you hid while looking at this place.

19. Sort out all relevant new insurances

20. Cleaning your old house

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