May 24, 2022

With parents, there are usually no hard and fast rules – as long as it works for you and your children.

But the mother of three has split up the internet after sharing her “own mother’s” habits, including offering freezer meals.


Despite the controversy, Seobhan’s video has been liked by more than 50,000 people.Credit: TikTok / aznaziaxhome

Siobhan Stephenson revealed the controversial list on TikTok, where the clip went viral, garnering nearly 755,000 views in less than 24 hours.

One of the things that makes Seobhan a “VIP member” in his own words. s ** t_mums_clubShe is letting her children, two girls and a boy spend as much time in front of the screen as they want.

He told the audience that this is something that children will do at meal times, by placing a large pill on the table.

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In a widely shared video, she also admits that she rarely prepares home-cooked nutritious food – to make her life easier, add some chutney and frozen potatoes in the oven. Will put waffles.

In addition to feeding her children a freezer, the mother, who was called “lazy” by some, has a “shut or kidd-up” drawer filled with sweet snacks and food.

She added that her children can join them whenever they want – just like screen time, chocolate and candy are unlimited.

When children are not using pills, Seobhan encourages a lot of free play – so she can’t rest.

But while these parental habits may make his life easier, not everyone was involved, with one writing: “And that’s why today’s kids can’t communicate; it’s not at all. . ”

“It’s not a vibe,” agreed another critical observer, while a third suggested: “Try to talk to your child.”

“Why do you look so proud?” Someone else looked confused.

However, despite the criticism, there were some supportive comments, such as: “It’s called parenting.

“We all take shortcuts when we need to.”

“Love it, as long as the children are happy, clean, warm and feed,” added another.

A fellow parent wrote: “Isn’t this normal ?! “I have 3 children in my house and I don’t think I would survive without a breakfast cupboard.”

In other parenting news, a five-year-old mother has split the internet after sharing her home rules, including punishing her children for misconduct.

In addition, the new mom issues very detailed rules of visitation; including a gift card for her, to take with her and no photo.

Meanwhile, a woman revealed that her collision was so small that people became convinced that she was making it fake – and even doctors often questioned her.

For some reason, though,


For some reason, though, “today’s kids can’t communicate.”Credit: TikTok / @siobhanstephenson__
Mothers of three will often offer freezer food to their children.


Mothers of three will often offer freezer food to their children.Credit: TikTok / @siobhanstephenson__
Breakfast drawers are always full.


Breakfast drawers are always full.Credit: TikTok / @siobhanstephenson__

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