May 26, 2022

A travel expert has created an e-mail template that can be used to upgrade a free hotel room.

Chelsea has Dickinson. Shared a template To try and find a good hotel room to help the hotel guests.


Chelsea Dickenson shared an email template that helps hotel guests upgrade for free.Credit: Instagram

He created the basic template with the intention that the guests could adapt it to the hotel they were going to and the people they were going with.

Chelsea focused their emails on spending a night with their boyfriends – but that could clearly change if you go out with a friend or family member.

The email template reads:

“Hello there,

Hope you are well.

After reading some amazing reviews, I have just arranged for myself and my boyfriend to stay at your hotel and we are both so excited! It looks great.

This will be our first passage since the onset of the epidemic and we would also like to consider upgrading to help us celebrate this small step towards normalcy if you have the availability.

Upgrade or not, we really look forward to staying with you.

God bless you

Chelsea. “

The travel expert shared some additional tips for people hoping to upgrade for free, including emailing the right person.

He said: “Find out the name of the person who makes the decision to upgrade.

“It’s usually the general manager so you can try calling and asking their name so you can send it to the right person.”

Afterwards, he recommends adding some humor to your e-mail to make the reader smile and be more likely to help you.

He said: “I once upgraded to a trip to Brussels by writing a similar e-mail when the UK left the EU.

“We asked if they could help make us happy and it worked!”

Chelsea also advised people to check the availability of the hotel before sending emails so that you can get the right accent.

He said: If [the hotel] Fully booked, you may want to refer to the possible ‘last minute availability’ and if there are a lot of rooms you know you can be a bit normal. “

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Guests can fit it into the hotel they are going to and the people they are going with.


Guests can fit it into the hotel they are going to and the people they are going with.Credit: Getty – Contributor

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