May 26, 2022

The Internet has completely trolled a woman and labeled her “bad” after she complained about her engagement ring online.

The woman claimed that her boyfriend had made the ring of his choice but it did not meet her expectations, so she wanted a new ring.


One woman said that she was almost unhappy with the custom engagement ring because it was not exactly what she wanted.
He had hoped for a ring with three purple or pink stones on it, but instead he got a ring with a deep blue stone.


He had hoped for a ring with three purple or pink stones on it, but instead he got a ring with a deep blue stone.Credit: Getty

The woman who shared her story on Reddit said that she and her boyfriend got engaged after dating for four years.

She also said that she had dreamed of her wedding and engagement ring since childhood, and made it clear to her fianc what she expected in the ring.

“Around the age of high school, I made an engagement ring that I thought I would like.

“When we started dating and decided we loved each other, I showed him my sketch and he was so excited because he said he made that choice for me,” she explained. ۔

As is often the case, women’s tastes change as they get older.

So, she made a new sketch of her dream engagement ring when she and her boyfriend had a one-year date.

“Now I want a rose gold hammer band with three purple / pink rough stones,” he said, adding that he and his fiance would meet his expectations “every six months”.

Unfortunately, the woman claimed that her dream engagement ring did not come out as a result of constant contact when it came time for the special ceremony.

He suggested a rose stone twig with a black stone.

“Black. He says it’s a blue rock, but it looks black in 99% of the light,” he complained.

She continued: “There were a lot of things that didn’t fit my dream about the whole engagement situation, but the ring feels like the straw that broke my back and I’m wondering if I also want to get married now because my mind is spinning.

“I told her I didn’t like the ring and she was heartbroken.”

Also, when the woman and her husband took the ring back to the ornament, they were told that it could not be exchanged because it was custom made.

The distraught bride said that she and her future husband talked about adding another stone to their ring, but she did not think that any change would make her happy.

Now, they have avoided the subject for six months because when it comes down to it, they both get frustrated.

He concluded: “Even if we do not get married, I will always be with her.

“But every time I look at this ring, I get very sad and I don’t know what to do.”

The Internet certainly had some options, and one of them was treatment.

“You need to see a doctor to figure out how to reconcile reality with your expectations or your marriage will end in divorce,” one man insisted, with dozens more agreeing.

Others tore the bride-to-be completely, with one reader calling her a “perverted girl.”

“Custom engagement rings can be very expensive.

“Your ever-changing tastes seem to be hard to please,” speculated another person.

“If you are considering canceling the marriage for this reason, please consider the reason.

“Looks like you’re probably not ready for marriage.”

Yet another shocked Reddit user said: “I predict you will be the queen of the bride and cancel the wedding on the altar because the flower bubblegum is pink and I do not tickle pink and butterflies in the shape of a heart Will not be able to fly!

“Keep it up and you won’t have to cancel the marriage, you will force this poor man to flee so far that he will actually join the Peace Corps or the foreign army to flee.”

After reading the harsh criticism, the woman updated her post to thank people for their input and said that she was actually going for treatment to meet her high expectations.

Of course he is far from the first bride who was trolled for acting unpleasantly about his marriage.

One bride forbade her bride to get pregnant before her wedding and provided an expensive list of pre-wedding day necessities.

His ridiculous demands forced five brides out of his wedding.

Also, another bride was called “immature” because of her parents’ insanity because she did not cover her entire wedding expenses.

The bride says she is now seeking professional help to meet her high expectations.


The bride says she is now seeking professional help to meet her high expectations.Credit: Getty

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