May 26, 2022

Hiding embarrassment is a sure reason to end a relationship.

This is what happened to the woman who was forced to run away from her partner when she did the worst job in a restaurant.


One woman shared on Reddit how she ran away from a restaurant out of embarrassment with her boyfriend.Credit: Getty
He said he had brought the bell to the weight staff to ring the bell.


He said he had brought the bell to the weight staff to ring the bell.Credit: Getty

The woman who shared her story on Reddit explained that she had been dating her boyfriend for about four months, and claimed that she was an American who lived in her unknown country, but lived out of town.

The two decided to meet for dinner in their town, and when they were ready to order, her boyfriend took a small bell from his jacket and started ringing it.

The woman said she was immediately confused and asked what he was doing, to which she replied that he was getting the attention of the weight staff.

She then told her boyfriend to stop ringing the bell and embarrass her, but he kept doing it.

“I can’t begin to explain the shapes that everyone finds,” he wrote.

The woman then threatened to cancel the dinner and demanded that he stop, but her boyfriend kept ringing the bell until someone arrived.

At that moment the woman was tired so she grabbed her luggage and went out to eat.

The two then had a fierce fight because the woman was clearly upset while her boyfriend did not understand what was so embarrassing about the bell.

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture. [to] We will not be forced to wait until someone appears. ”

The woman asked if it was acceptable to bring a bell to dinner in the United States, to which she replied: “Yes because it is a free country and people there usually do not pay ***.”

He did not leave the woman, saying he was “overreacting”, “sensitive” and told her to “get off.” [her] Stop calling the tall horse and its ‘genius’ idea embarrassing. “

The woman ended her post by writing: “He has been angry for several days and is sorry, I may have reacted more.

“It’s probably not where he lives, but here it’s just unacceptable.”

Most of the comments, if not all, were on the woman’s side.

One user wrote: “Not only that, I would go away and break up with him on the spot. He is treating the staff like animals. Absolutely inappropriate and I will not be with this man in public again. I will be caught. “

Another commented: “I worked in a restaurant for years and if anyone ever came to my work and brought a bell, I would kick him out and deny him service. This man set you on fire.” Here you go, take it seriously. “

The Americans, like a Redditor, came out in defense of the woman, who added: “Here, American comrades, we are in an incredible way back and forth in many ways, but this treatment will not be tolerated.”

Furthermore, “Here’s an American who worked in restaurants for more than 10 years. People don’t do that. And a few of the places I’ve worked will kick out such a person 100% because wtf. Very rude.” He is lying on your face. “

Similarly, another woman was upset about how her date was tipping her waitress over dinner.

Meanwhile, a woman asked her sister in front of her the best revenge of her ugly history.

The woman said that her boyfriend had been upset for several days and wanted to apologize to her. "More reactions"


The woman said her boyfriend had been upset for several days and wanted to apologize for the “excessive reaction”.Credit: Getty

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