May 27, 2022

Choosing a name for your child is a personal decision and sometimes you have to understand that not everyone will like it.

But one mother was shocked when she told her nurse the name of her twin daughter, only to be laughed at.


Elizabeth was shocked to see the nurse as she smiled at her baby’s name.Credit: elizzabeth_e / Tiktok

Elizabeth-Leslie Edwards posted a video on her tick-tock account, elizabeth_eWhere it went viral with over a million views.

The mother of three from the United States wrote: “When the nurse laughed when asked what her name was.”

As Elizabeth danced her daughter in her kitchen to SZA’s song “If You Think I Hate You, I Do”.

Elizabeth defended her baby’s name, and in the video’s comments told the user her name was Honey-B.

He wrote: “This is a unique, lovely, family name and follows some of my favorite Bible verses.”

She was shocked by the nurse and said: “I was like a brother, did he really laugh out loud in front of me?!?”

The comments section of her video was quickly filled with trolls’ cruel remarks, with one writing: “Did you really name her Honey Bee? It’s better to be prepared for all the names that come to school and not be surprised.” If / when she changes her name. “

“Why are parents so self-absorbed and don’t think before giving their child such a name. It’s sad. It’s just sad. I really hope it’s a joke,” another observer wrote.

A third user commented: “The fact that your child will have to go into the professional world with this name is sad; people think like adults, please!”

“Honey is lovely. Honey is the best name, and the worst is embarrassing. But each has its own.” Someone else made fun of me.

Another user told Elizabeth that she was a ‘forgotten baby devilish little thing’ and that she would constantly pick someone with a ‘unique’ name.

Elizabeth replied in isolation.E-video Writing: “Maybe you should teach your children not to be petty bullies.

“Regardless, I teach my kids not to care what others think of them. It’s not their problem that other kids’ hearts are dirty.”

One man replied: “I think Honey Bee is great!”

“This breed is full of more unusual names – the name you give it has a beautiful meaning and she will love it as she grows up.” A mother said.

Cruel Trolls commented that Honey Bee would be bullied at school because of her unique name.


Cruel Trolls commented that Honey Bee would be bullied at school because of her unique name.Credit: elizzabeth_e / Tiktok

I have eight children and each of them has a unique name. People troll me but I love them.

I am very embarrassed to tell people my daughter’s name so I always tell her her nickname.

Also another mom has shared a hack to calm your kids – and she has the support of doctors.

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