May 24, 2022

Millions of families are looking for ways to reduce the cost of cutting life’s crises, but our specialist feeds a family of four for a week on a budget of only 38.

Naomi Wallace runs the Second Dead website with her husband Ricky and specializes in budgeting and finding deals after clearing her debt mountain.


Money blogger Naomi Willis fed her family of four at ل 38 in Hill’s Liddle.Credit: Andrew McCarran was commissioned by The Sun.
Here's what Naomi bought for £ 38 - nothing will be lost on her tough plan.


Here’s what Naomi bought for £ 38 – nothing will be lost on her tough plan.Credit: Naomi Wallace
Naomi returned home with her shopping and decided to stick to her meal plan.


Naomi returned home with her shopping and decided to stick to her meal plan.Credit: Andrew McCarran was commissioned by The Sun.

A mother of two who is one of the experts in our Squeeze team here to save you money, Naomi reveals her secrets to reducing your bill at the supermarket checkout.

She said: “As a family of four, my husband and I managed to halve our weekly store.

“We’ve gone from spending £ 70 with just a few simple changes to about £ 38.”

Meal plan

Naomi’s most important advice is to plan her meals.

He said: “It may seem boring to do this but once you start deciding on food in advance you will immediately see a reduction in your food bill.”

Naomi suggests planning in advance to start with a three-day meal, so that if you get bored you can easily change one meal to another, without having to go through the sale date.

“A meal plan enables you to know what you are going to purchase in advance so that you can better plan your budget because you will know exactly what you need to spend. ۔

Plus, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need.

“You will waste less food because you will only buy what you need.”

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Naomi’s meal plan

Planning every meal means less food waste and it’s easier to stay on a budget in the supermarket.

Breakfast: Naomi feeds the family cereals and fruits or toast and eggs.

Lunch: Nomi alternatives between last night’s dinner, cheese and ham toasts, beans on soup or toast. On top of that she will add snacks like yogurt, crisp, fruit or biscuit bake.


Monday: Made with carbonara, bacon, eggs, cheese, spaghetti and served with broccoli.

Tuesday: Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie, made with mushrooms, onions, tomato puree, mashed potatoes and frozen peas (plus Talk and Marmite from the store closet)

Wednesday: Meatballs and pasta with garlic bread, minced meat, pan pasta, tons of tomatoes (plus cupboard herbs and spices).

Thursday: Slow cooker is served with Spanish chicken peas and rice (it doesn’t have to be in a slow cooker, but Naomi says she does it for a slow dinner). In a slow cooker add chicken breasts and chopped chillies, top with sauce and cook for eight hours.

Friday: Three beans and rice, tons of mixed beans, tons of tomatoes, onions, peppers, sweet corn (stock from the closet, herbs and spices).

Saturday: Served with chicken drumsticks (cooked with spices from the cupboard), rice and sweet corn.

Sunday: Prepare tuna pasta baked, tinned tuna, drink pasta, toasted tomato paste made with tomato sauce, sweet corn, covered in cheese.

In the Second Dead Facebook group, the topic of food waste comes up again and again.

“People don’t know what to do with food leftovers, so we have answers from other members who suggest recipes so that no food is wasted.”

The tendency to eat more vegetarian food has also helped Naomi reduce her family’s food bill.

Yellow sticker bargaining and food waste apps

Find out when your local supermarket talks to staff about the reduced stock of its yellow sticker, says Naomi.

If you are flexible and creative, you can save a lot.

For example, we recently had a group chat about making your own butter. Instead of buying it for 2, you can buy a yellow sticker cream for only 30p and mix it yourself. “

She is also a big fan of the To Good to Go food app, which allows shops and restaurants to sell the “magic bag” of stock they need to transfer at knockout prices.

“I highly recommend it. Every day, delicious, fresh food is lost in cafes, restaurants, hotels, shops and manufacturers – simply because it is not sold on time.

“Unless you pick it up you won’t know exactly what’s in your order – it’s all part of the surprise.”

While this may not be a good idea for people with food allergies or for food drinkers, it is a great way to save money if you take advantage.

“We’ve done it many times and it’s a great way to get a bag with food at a very low price of £ 10.

“It’s also fun because it enables you to get together as a family and make cuffs.”

Another great money saver is the approved food website, which she describes as a “yellow sticker online shopping”.

“You can get up to 70% off products and this is a great place to treat your kids.

“There’s nothing wrong with the products being sold, they buy far more than your food with their expiration dates.”

Yesterday, a Morrison worker revealed the best times to get a yellow sticker deal.

And one smart buyer revealed how he spent just £ 163 a year on food, excluding items with yellow stickers.

Also, a supermarket insider has uncovered layout tricks that stores use to lure you to spend more money.

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