August 5, 2022

Created and written by Declan Lawn and Adam Peterson, Blue Lights follows three rogue police officers working in Belfast, a uniquely dangerous place to become a police officer. It was produced by Two Cities Television and co-produced by Northern Ireland Screen as part of their ongoing partnership with the BBC.

Sean Brook (Sherlock, Good Omen), Martin McCain (Marcella, Sentinel), Richard Dormer (Game of Thrones, Fortnight), Catherine Devlin (The DIG, Vikings) and newcomer Nathan Brenf John Lynch (Tin Star, ) Will lead the cast. The Fall), Jonathan Harden (Time, Unforgettable) and Valiant Kane (The Fall, Gangs of London).

Directed by Gilles Bannier (Trigger Point, Tin Star, Spiral) and inspired by extensive research and interviews, Blue Lights is an authentic, charming and dark comedy drama about ordinary people in an unusual society. Working that could be out of control at any time. Moment.

Sean Brooke says: “I’m so excited to play Grace in the Blue Lights. There’s something special about what Declan and Adam did in these scripts and I was already hooked off the page. Belfast is the heartbeat of this piece.” And this is a city I have long wanted to work with.

Declan Lawn and Adam Peterson say: “Every writer wants to discover their place, and their society as authenticly and honestly as they can. And to do so with a cast is very proud of the new and established talent that makes it even more interesting.

Stephen Wright, executive producer of bi-city television, says: “It’s great to have Blue Lights coming and going in Belfast. With such great scripts by Deccan Lawn, Adam Patterson and Fran Harris, and Giles Banner with such enthusiastic and joyful direction, we really couldn’t ask for more.

The film is being shot in and around Belfast. Produced by Carol Moorehead (The Fall, Doing Money). Fran Harris has written episode three and co-written episode four. The executive producers are Stephen Wright for Two Cities Television, Louis Gallagher for Gallagher Films, Tommy Balfen and Declan Lawn for the BBC and Adam Peterson. The two cities are part of the STV Studios Group of Production label. The Blue Lights was commissioned by Pierre Wenger, director of the BBC Drama, and Charlotte Moore, the BBC’s chief content officer. Blue Lights is distributed internationally through BBC Studios.

The successful partnership between the BBC and Northern Ireland Screen supports the screen industry in Northern Ireland and helps ensure that content filmed and set in Northern Ireland reaches audiences in the UK and internationally. Be delivered

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