May 26, 2022
See the first news! Campaign
Look up! First News Campaign in collaboration with JPI Media.

Check out a new first news! The campaign, in collaboration with JPIMedia, aims to make children aware of the dangers of not keeping their mobile phones away while crossing the road.


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Design the search! Campaign poster

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Look up! Campaign supported by Stabilo
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The first news is making a look! Assembly for every school in the country after Easter. Therefore, we are creating a free assembly pack for all schools across the country.

See a part of this pack! Campaign poster for schools to be placed around their buildings as a permanent reminder to students to watch from their phones as they cross the street.

And who better to design a poster than a young reader like you?

You can win an exciting STABILO stationery bundle for yourself and your classmates.

From color spray using Power, Cape and Aqua Color, to helpful revision tools like BOSS, Point 88 and sensors, the possibilities are endless!

We are looking for primary school poster and secondary school poster. Primary school winner STABILO will win a gaddy bag, and his school will receive a school class pack of up to £ 600. The secondary school winner will win STABILO GUDI BAG and products for his school from the STABILO ARTY range up to £ 600.

To sign in, create your poster (A4 size) and send it to us by March 11 with your name, age and school details.

Can be uploaded to been emailed.[email protected] (Lookup! In the subject box), or posted in Look Up! Competition, First News, 58 Southwark Bridge Road, London, SE1 0AS.

Highly appreciated posters will be part of the downloadable online gallery.

First News has launched a campaign to make school children aware of the dangers of crossing the road while using the phone. The name of this campaign is Look Up!

Although many people are preoccupied with mobile phones, children are the most affected. By the age of 12, almost all children have a phone and there is a clear link between the use of mobile devices and serious accidents with children, especially at the end of the school day.

The numbers are staggering.

CoVID-19 lockdowns and school closures mean that 2020 road safety figures will be affected this year.

But, in 2019, 6,200 pedestrians were killed or life-threatening injured on UK roads. More than one in five of those (1,415) were 17 years of age or younger – that’s close to a whole class of school kids every week.

Accident statistics show that 11- to 14-year-olds are the most likely to be killed or seriously injured – about 50 per month.


Over the years, various studies have shown that phones are a growing cause of discomfort for pedestrians, affecting whether they cross the road safely. There is even a name for people who are obsessed with the phone: SMOMBIES (zombies other than smartphones).

A 2019 study by Lincoln University looked at the use of mobile phones by school children when crossing the street.

He observed students outside a secondary school in the north of England for four weeks.

They were looking to see if the students looked left or right before crossing the road (or failed to see), whether they crossed when the pedestrian light was red or green and whether they were crossing. Used to cross

The researchers found that approximately one-third (31.37%) of road crossings were by students using a phone or other device and were less visible when they had them.

He concluded that the safety of school-age pedestrians is affected by mobile phones and music players.

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