May 27, 2022

PAUL INCE has questioned why Manchester United signed Cristiano Ronaldo instead of going to Earling Holland.

Ronaldo, the 37-year-old Red Devils icon, returned to Old Trafford in August after a 12.85m move from Juventus.


Cristiano Ronaldo disappointed for the second time in Man Utd.Credit: EPA
How do Ronaldo and Earling Holland compare this season?


How do Ronaldo and Earling Holland compare this season?

But the return of the Portuguese superstar has failed to inspire improvement at Manchester United as Ralph Ranginik’s side endure a nightmare season.

Dortmund’s thrilling Netherlands has been a long-term target and United could have taken it off last summer if they had now broken the bank under Ole Gunner Solskir.

And with the club now looking to get out of the race to catch the on-demand Norwegians this off-season, Ince insists his former club made the wrong decision.

Ince said: “When Ole first took the lead, the plan was to be young but suddenly he was bringing in 37-year-olds.

“You think, ‘Why didn’t you just go to Holland?’ You didn’t need Ronaldo, but the fact is that everyone thought he was going to Man City.

“Everyone thought it was great when he first came and if it weren’t for Ronaldo, he still wouldn’t be in the Champions League.

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“People were saying it would be great for the club, the players and the youth.

“We thought it would happen, but the example he is setting by throwing his toys out of the pram is very bad.

“Why would you listen to someone who is willing to act like you?

“As we’ve seen on several occasions – running down the tunnel, not applauding the fans, rumbling – that’s not a good example to set.

“I’m disappointed but you have to take it behind closed doors, not in full view of fans and cameras.”

Paul Anis believes United should have made every effort to sign the Netherlands this summer.


Paul Anis believes United should have made every effort to sign the Netherlands this summer.Credit: AP

Ronaldo scored 14 goals before the new year but did not score in his last six matches, the longest drought since United played seven goals without a goal in 2008-09.

He returned to the team after being dropped by Ranginik for Burnley but missed two good chances against Southampton – after missing his penalty in the FA Cup vs. Middlesbrough.

And Ince added: “When he started he was flying but then he stopped getting service, he started falling into the depths where he was no threat to anyone, and then there was frustration.

“He’s a selfish player – Ronaldo is about Ronaldo. He wouldn’t be happy if he wasn’t scoring.

“We saw him at Juventus when, after he left, Giorgio Chiellini said they could be a family again.

“It should be about Manchester United and the team, but it’s all about Ronaldo, and now we’re seeing all the frustration.”

Ronaldo’s contract at Old Trafford lasts until the end of next season, but there is confusion over the lack of a manager after the summer.

And former midfielder Anis said: “I don’t know if he will stay next year.

Ince calls Ronaldo a


Ince calls Ronaldo a “selfish” player.Credit: Getty

“It depends on who comes at the end of the season. If the color stays, I think you’ll see Ronaldo go.

“If Mauricio Pochettino comes in, he can stay. But Ronaldo has to play – when you need three points you can’t pay anyone half a million pounds a week to sit on the bench against Burnley.

“If he’s not playing, I can’t see him here next season.”

Comparing him to the ‘Dog and Dick’ pub side, Anis has no confidence in correcting the decision of the United manager.

Ranginik, who is ready to be a consultant, will speak with chief executive Richard Arnold, football director John Mortoff and technical director Darren Fletcher.

PSG boss Pochettino is a favorite, Ajax manager Erik Ten Hag is also in the running.

And Ince, speaking on behalf of Genting Casino, blasted: “It’s one of the biggest clubs in the world but it’s being run like a dog and a duck, it really is.

Mauricio Pochettino is one of the candidates to be the next permanent boss of Man Utd.


Mauricio Pochettino is one of the candidates to be the next permanent boss of Man Utd.Credit: Reuters

“They need to get a grip. Who is deciding on the next manager? I haven’t really found any clues.”

“There’s a problem with the way the club is run – there’s no leadership and it’s a shame that nobody knows who’s doing what.”

Ince criticized the club in November for replacing Solskjaer with Ranginak as caretaker boss.

He added: “The last thing he needed was an interim manager because he just told the players he would not be here at the end of the season.

Ralph said he was not looking at his role as a consultant but was possibly giving management two more years to force the players to think they could stay.

“But the club made it a transition and messed it up again, so as a player you think ‘he’s not my real manager’.

“And it’s not good for discipline or unity.

“There is clearly some kind of division in the changing room with small pockets of people with different opinions.

“It’s bothering them week in, week out.”

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