May 26, 2022

Fans of Molly-Mae Hague have spotted a giant baby boy in a romantic Valentine’s Day gift to her boyfriend Tommy Fury.

The Low Island Star admitted that she was not using contraceptives earlier this month, but instead relied on an app to monitor fertility.


Molly-Mae and Tommy seem to have left a big mark on the baby.Credit: Instagram
The Low Island Star created a scrapbook for his boxer wife


The Low Island Star created a scrapbook for his boxer wifeCredit: Instagram

Molly-Mae, 22, presented her boxer wife with a sweet scrapbook of all her photos on Monday as part of her celebrations.

Fans couldn’t help but feel that motherhood could be at the top of the priority list after citing parenting.

Tommy, 22, slammed the book on his Instagram stories when a special message about being a “mom and dad” surfaced.

“One day, we will have our own family, this will be the best day of my life,” he wrote. “Give life to mom and dad.”

This comes just days after Molly-Mae’s fans were told that he and Tommy were not taking birth control pills because he had answered a fan’s question.

Molly May, who kept no secret of her desire to marry a boxer and have children, was asked: “The right girl says that … but which contraceptive method is better for you?” I’m struggling. “

Dressed in a cream jersey, the blogger, whose hair is tied up in his signature bun, said: “Let me know when you find someone. Because I’m not literally for me without going to TMI.

“Pills, I’ve eaten a few, and I’m just not getting it right for myself – that’s something I’ve struggled with all my life.”

In the caption to the photo, he explains: “I use the Flo app to track my fertile point of the month but I do not recommend it if you want something more secure / more accurate.”

She later revealed that she used the Flo app for years to “stay up to date on your fertility” and discover “when your period falls.”

Her comments left fans with speculation as to whether a baby was immediately on the card for the couple, especially when Molly told her YouTube followers this month that she was looking forward to the next chapter of her life. ” Very ready “.

The creative director of Pretty Little Thing UK and EU admitted that she is currently dominating herself with family plans because of her career – but that she was excited about the idea of ​​a breakup that would cut her in half. Tommy was.

Fans gathered two and two after her Instagram and immediately commented with a post on YouTube: “Oh Molly you are going to make a beautiful mummy one day.”

Another referred to her ongoing home purchase and said: “Excited for you and Tommy! Me and my boyfriend are going out this year and I can’t wait!”

Then one thought: “I wish Tommy and you had a screen grab with Love Island Baby when you talk about parenting. I imagine it would be exactly the same? Of course?”

Baby ready

Molly, who has been dating Tommy since their meeting on Low Island in 2019, is always open about the couple’s family plans.

Last year, she was asked: “Are you excited to have kids with Tommy xx?”

Despite the question ahead, the blonde beauty happily answered and said: “Well, we’re both really excited for this part of our lives.”

This comment should not come as a surprise to Molly’s loyal fans as the former star revealed that she will get married and have children with Tommy by the time she is 26 years old.

ITV2 Darling revealed in November 2020 that it had set itself a five-year plan – and put marriage and children at the top.

Molly-Mae was asked by fans where she sees herself in 2025 and she used emojis to describe the scene of her dreams.

First buy a house with your boxer boyfriend, then walk down the aisle and have a baby.

He added: “And a hell of a lot of work. Ilfilterbymollymae 2021 is going to be huge for us.”

Tommy also revealed in 2020 that he was trying to conceive Molly-Mae and wanted eight children.

He said: “Yes, we have. We’re snooding in the bedroom. I want twins by the time I’m 22. That’s as simple as that. Molly wants six kids, I want eight.”

At the time, Molly also told fans that she was not currently on any contraceptive pills – but said it was not a deliberate attempt to get pregnant.

He said: “I took my first pill a few weeks ago. It was hard for me to find a good time every day to take a pill. I started taking it and no, it’s not for me.

“I felt a headache, I felt tired, I felt like I was crying for no reason. And the only thing that changed was that I was on that pill. It wasn’t for me. .. I’m living on the edge!

She added: “It’s not that we’re trying to have a baby, just to make it clear. I’m not on any contraceptive method because I can’t find any contraceptive method that I can use. Like it

In the scrapbook, Molly-Mae writes about her parents' dreams


In the scrapbook, Molly-Mae writes about her parents’ dreamsCredit: Instagram

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