May 26, 2022

Although marriage is considered a happy occasion for love and family, we know that this is not always the case.

If you have a bride on hand, these events are often filled with drama.


One woman said she and her four-year-old daughter were kicked out of a family wedding.Credit: Getty
The reason they were evicted was because the baby was wearing a tire.


The reason they were evicted was because the baby was wearing a tire.Credit: Getty

One woman shared an experience with a bride who lost her footing when she couldn’t find her way.

Posting on RedditThe 32-year-old woman explained that her four-year-old daughter, whom she calls Chloe, was interested in princesses, tires and pink dresses.

Recently, the woman’s male cousin invited her and Chloe to their wedding.

“Chloe was excited because she had to get ready and be ready all the time. She couldn’t even wait to see the bride’s dress.

“She asked if she could wear her princess’s tire, and I said yes.”

Although the mother and daughter arrived at the wedding on time, the ceremony was delayed.

“Fifteen minutes after it started, a bride came out and told me that the bride was Jane [a 31-year-old female] He was refusing to come out because my daughter was wearing a tire.

“I thought she was joking but she wasn’t. Apparently the bride was wearing a tire too and she wanted to be the only one wearing it.

The mother tried to reason with the bride and told her that Chloe always wears tires.

The bride said, “She is not here today” and told me that she needed to be removed. I said no. The bride is an old woman and younger than a child’s tire.

A few minutes later, the groom (the woman’s cousin) came out and told her that he and Chloe had to leave because of Tyra’s ordeal.

“It simply came to our notice then [my cousin] I was told that this was not my wedding and that I could wear one when I got married, but that I was not formally invited.

“Other people around me just told me to take it off and I won’t do it. Alex’s mother came and took us out.

Chloe started crying as if she had done something wrong.

“I’m worried because I can’t believe anyone would be jealous of a 4-year-old.

“I also feel bad because Chloe was really looking forward to seeing Jane’s dress because she likes wedding dresses. But literally no one is on my side.

Unfortunately for women, Reddit users also seem to support the bride:

“You seriously need to train parents and teach your child that there is a time and place to involve your inner princess and to sit back, follow the dress code, and let other people shine.” There is time and place, for example, in their own marriages, “wrote one man.

“I personally would love to know that I was a bride, but I think everyone is different. I think the wishes of the bride should be respected, while here it is at the top,” added another. ۔

The bride wanted to be the only person wearing a tire.


The bride wanted to be the only person wearing a tire.Credit: Getty

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