May 28, 2022
The brilliant and exciting 'Game for Our Time' is the first complete production for North Broadsides since the beginning of the epidemic.
The brilliant and exciting ‘Game for Our Time’ is the first complete production for North Broadsides since the beginning of the epidemic.

The flamboyant and exciting ‘Game for Our Time’ is the company’s first complete production since the onset of the epidemic.

The 12 North actors, produced from around the world for stage, TV and film, including award-winning productions, include non-binary and disabled actors.

Featuring Bailey Brock, Isobel Coward, Shaban Dar, Gemma Dobson, Terry Jade Donovan, Ali Gidema, Claire Hackett, Reuben Johnson, Adam Kashmiri, Joe Moro, Joe Petmore and EM Williams.

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The As You Like It stage challenges us to imagine a new future. Gaining the sheer joy of live performances and the insane power of love to change the world, this interpretation actually encourages Shakespeare’s timeless themes of love, sex, identity and power.

The production will be revived with EM Perry’s original set and high fashion outfits.

Seated in a stylish but kneeling court, where the Duke is all-powerful and brutally opposed to basic human decency, the high spirited Rosalind and devoted cousin Celia are no longer welcomed.

As they escape into the jungle in disguise, they collide with Rosalind’s latest item of love, Orlando, leading to a vast game of fluid identification where the whole world is one stage and all men and women simply There are players.

As the seasons change in this magical place, ordinary characters dissolve and assumptions turn on their heads in this celebration of the power of love and the natural world, including some of Shakespeare’s most vivid characters and memorable poetry. ۔

Larry Sansum, artistic director of Northern Broadsides, said: “Your ‘if’ is the only peacemaker. ‘If’ is a great virtue. Adopt new clothes and new lovers. They experience new feelings and jump into them, they play many parts and many enter and exit. It seems as if everyone is through the closet. Steps into another world, but not without a lot of wonderful clothes.

“This production takes us deeper into the happy possibilities of ‘if’ and asks if the whole world is a stage, can all men and women become what they want to be? Explosive and ruthless Duke Ferdinand’s Roseland, Celia and Touchstone take a break for the presidency, escaping the poisonous entertainment kingdom, where drag queens are no longer allowed off the line.

“They find themselves in a jungle where sex, class and sexual desires change like fluids and seasons as the old classification disappears. Of all Shakespeare’s plays, it feels the most restorative. , Which opens up the possibility of creating a new world based on open acceptance of each other and living in harmony with the natural world. It feels like a drama for our time, giving us a new future. Challenges to imagine being more playful, accepting and connected.

As you set it up and costume designer EM Perry said: “For me, as you like, this is one of Shakespeare’s most interesting plays, but the question of the identity of this play, how it is constructed or imposed. Has been made, and there is a globalization and relevance to the research of this play, how it can be changed and recreated.

“To an extent, as you like it, I’m trying to get people to try different identities, to find out where they fit in the world, and this drama explores different ways in which Identity is experienced, and built – through the people themselves, in the societies, situations and relationships in which they find themselves, with whom they fall in love and lust.

“In our version of Arden, when the characters escape to the jungle, they go into the wardrobe, like Narnia, into the dressing-up box of a strange possibility, a place where time, sex, sexuality, love, class And all classifications and identities of identity and power can be questioned and reversed.

“Expect a world where a blizzard blows from a hatbox, clothes change color with the seasons, coats turn into trees and flowers grow between floors. Expect a world where a god wedding Come on, and who you are and who you love today can change as winter turns into spring, or coat grows between trees and flowers on the floorboards. Expect a world where A god came to the wedding, and who are you and who do you love today like winter turns into spring, or a coat turns inside out.

It runs daily at the Stephen Joseph Theater, Scarborough, Tuesday, March 15, and Saturday, March 19, at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at 1.30pm Matinee and 2.30pm Saturday Matinee.

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