May 23, 2022

OLLY Murs showed off her incredible body transformation in a lovely Valentine’s Day tribute to bodybuilder girlfriend Amelia Tank.

Half of the Pop Star’s other athletes, 29, work as his personal trainers and have shaped him over the years.


Oliver Mers has come a long way physically since his relationship with Amelia Tank.Credit: Instagram

In a sweaty gym snap, Oli, 37, pulled up his orange T-shirt to show off his round belly.

Fast forward to the present and Oli now has more cut six packs in view of Amelia’s washboard abs.

He wrote: “How it started vs. how it is going; Happy Valentine’s Day Darlene X Thanks for taking this Uber to the gym this morning, my life will really suck without you.”

Vicky Pattison commented: “Oh my God you two.”

Retired cricketer Kevin Pietersen posted: “Great brother!”

When a fan said: “The most beautiful pair”

The couple started dating in late 2019, before going official on Instagram on New Year’s Day 2020.

Oli is happy for Christmas, but with Amelia and a home gym in hand, she has no excuse not to get back in shape.

He recently told us: “When I’m in my 40’s, I want to look good. At Christmas, I eat whatever I want, but then I enjoy being good and training. We Has set up a gym in the house. Amelia will say: ‘Come on Oli, get up and do something today. Stop being lazy!’ And that’s okay, you’re feeling better about it. “

The couple, who met at the gym, started out as friends, as Oli initially worried about how Amelia, who also works in the city, would cope with life in the eyes of the public.

She said: “I was worried. But she doesn’t want to be famous. She hates that aspect of her. She is a bikini model but this is not her full time job. She works in a bank. [as a communications manager] And he has his own career and his own life. There is no one who wants to live in my name. She is really happy to be with me. Were happy. We are in love. “

Amelia moved to Oli’s Essexpad at the onset of the epidemic – and the pair have only grown closer together despite the time they have been together.

“The lockdown was good for us,” he said. We were only together for a while and then she left. We know a lot of couples who are not together after the lockdown, when we still like to be around each other.

“It was fortunate that I had a house with space, because there were days that were a bit ‘urgh’ and we could get away from each other. I definitely felt the days when I was in the lounge. Gone and I wasn’t her favorite person. You have ups and downs, but you also have love. We rarely argue. “

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