May 26, 2022

With just a few days to go until Valentine’s Day, couples will be waiting for their dinner reservations, preparing presents and wondering what to write on their cards.

It’s important to value and cherish your loved ones – especially on Valentine’s Day

Whether it’s an old flame, a best friend, a new partner or a secret love, getting the right message is no easy task.

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To help ease the pressure to get her ‘right’, Funky Pigeon teamed up with sex and relationship experts Tatiana Dyachenko and Barbara Santini to find the perfect message to share with her sweetheart this Valentine’s Day. Have worked

It’s no secret that communication and speaking the truth are the key to a successful relationship. That’s why the best messages for a Valentine’s Day card will have a personal, unique feel, says Tatiana:

“The best way to express your wishes to your partner is simply to be honest. Without good communication your desires, needs and aspirations cannot be ignored. Your partner is not a mind reader and it helps both you and them. If you can talk to them about your feelings and needs.

“Make sure you both take the time to listen to each other. The more couples talk to each other, the stronger their relationship becomes.”

Tatiana shares exactly what you should fill out your Valentine’s Day cards this year if you want to ignite that spark:

For romantics

Nothing feels good about loving and falling in love again, I love you.

You touched my soul like no one else, please stay with me forever

You are the best part of my day and always will be.

I love you more than pizza

I am so happy and thankful that I found such a wonderful person.

Besides cheese, you are my favorite.

For lovers

With all my heart I just want you to be happy and naked

If you were mine I would always be with you; either below you, or above you

Are you doing something later; for example I?

Barbara Santini, a psychologist, sex and relationship counselor, commented on whether you should tell your partner so much on Valentine’s Day:

“Brits may be planning to tell a lot about their innermost desires, and although most people think honesty is a pillar of a healthy relationship, it can be harmful to tell your partner so much,” he said. , I advise people to be careful before expressing their desires in this season of love, especially if your partner has not shown interest in getting to know you in depth.

Couples can base their conversations on the five languages ​​of love, which are ways to find and express love. , Or enjoy receiving gifts. To give your partner the best Valentine’s Day of their life, it is important to know the language of love.

Thankfully, for all the romantics who want to save time, some expert messages are also available exclusively on the newly printed message cards.

The cards have a secret message printed on the cover of the card, inside the heart that can only be perceived by the 3D glasses in the envelope – which is suitable for ‘just for your eyes’ messages.

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