May 25, 2022

Introduced to Emerald after the news of Pierce Harris’ death, Marcus Dean surprisingly returned to the village.

And as news of the killer’s death spreads through ITV soap, the return is a shock to Rona Goskirk.


Rona is ready for a nasty surprise in Emerald.Credit: Don’t know, clear with picture desk

Rona (presented by actress Zoe Henry) was shocked to receive news from her ex-husband Pierce (Jonathan Reeder) in a recent episode of the long-running drama.

A dying Pierce has been jailed for allegedly raping Rona before killing her boyfriend Graham Foster (but also for kidnapping Vanessa and her son Johnny and attacking Kim Tate). She asks him to help her find her son Marcus (Darcy Gray).

Rona finally met the young man and Pierce died within hours of their first conversation.

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In the next few episodes of the show, next week on our screens, Rona’s partner Marilyn Dingle (Mark Charnack) gets the news of Pierce’s death in the Hotton Courier.

Unaware that Rona already knows that her ex-husband has died behind bars, Marilyn is ready to let herself know.

Rona and Vanessa (Michelle Hardock) tell Paddy (Dominic Burnett) and Marilyn that they already knew Pierce was dead.

However, when she admits that she knew the culprit, Rona refuses to share the whole story with Marilyn and does not mention Pierce’s son Marcus.

Marilyn understands Runa’s mood and quickly apologizes for telling her everything.

But the guilt of crying about Marx weighs heavily and only increases when Marilyn suggests a mysterious meeting in a cafe.

Later, Rona is thankful and surprised by Marilyn’s romantic dinner.

She then decides to clear up and tell him about Marx.

But when Rona decides to put all her cards on the table, Emerald’s viewers can’t believe that Marx did the same to her.

Arriving in the village of Nama in early February 2022, Marx left a bad impression on fans who thought he was not what he said he was.

Adding to the suspicions, actor Darcy Gray has teased that his role will be similar to that of his vicious killer father who was originally expected.

Marcus is ready for a permanent visit to Emerald.

But will Rona really tell Marilyn already?

News of Pierce's death spread like wildfire in Dales.


News of Pierce’s death spread like wildfire in Dales.Credit: Don’t know, clear with picture desk
Marx will arrive in the village permanently.


Marx will arrive in the village permanently.Credit: Don’t know, clear with picture desk

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