August 4, 2022

The UK Labor leader made his position clear in an interview with BBC Radio Newcastle.

Instead of going back to the “old arguments”, Scottish Party leader Anas Sarwar emphasized the need for a “quiet era where we can focus on rebuilding our country”.

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The SNP said Sir Care’s comments “proved beyond doubt” that independence was the only way to return to the EU.

Labor leader Sir Kerr Starmer insisted there was no question of rejoining the European Union.

On the radio, Sir Kerr told a caller: “We have left the EU and we are not going back, and let me be very clear in the Northeast – there is no question of rejoining. Is.

“What I want to see now is that Brexit is not just about us being technically outside the EU, I want it to work.

“I want to make sure we take advantage of the opportunity and we have a clear plan for Brexit.”

SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford insisted it was “confirmation that Labor has joined the Tories on Brexit”.

He said: “It is now beyond doubt that the only way for Scotland to regain its place in Europe is independence. There is no way back to Westminster control.

“Bridget was imposed against the will of Scotland and it cost us billions of pounds in the long run, hurting our economy, exacerbating the Tory cost crisis, and depriving people of their rights.”

“In a desperate attempt to get votes back in England, Starmer’s Labor Party has abandoned Scotland altogether.

“The fact that Labor has joined the Tories on Brexit makes it even more important that the people of Scotland have a choice in determining their future in the independence referendum, so that we can be a free country. To build a better, greener and more European future.

The SNP government won the Scottish election on a cast iron mandate to hold a referendum on independence, with a record share of votes.

“The Scottish Parliament has an overwhelming majority for the independence referendum and this democratic mandate must be respected.”

Challenging the SNP for rejecting Sir Care’s comments, Mr Sarwar said: “I wish we had never left the EU and I hope we can move forward and build as close a relationship as possible. can.

“But we’ve all been through the collective trauma of the last two years.

“Our country came together to help us get through it, but the SNP and the Tories now want us to get through it and go back to fighting with each other.

“Freedom does not diminish the consequences of Brexit, it multiplies them.

“After all the anger and division of recent years, with the trauma of epidemics, our focus should be on a calm era where we focus on rebuilding our country for the future.”

“All I can say is let’s not go through the quaid and go back to the old arguments if I join, not only yes vs no question but holiday vs rest question.

“We are in the midst of a cost of living crisis and more than 650,000 of our fellow citizens are on the NHS waiting lists. Our focus should be on building the future, not the past.”

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