May 26, 2022

Sporting Lisbon boss Robin Amorim is Portugal’s most famous coaching talent after Jose Mourinho.

Amorim has a chance to prove tonight that he too is a “special” as he leads his side against Manchester City in the last 16 of the Champions League.


Robin Amorim has done an amazing job with Sporting and is being watched by some of the top clubs in the Premier League.Credit: Getty
Amorim is considered Portugal's best exporter after Jose Mourinho.


Amorim is considered Portugal’s best exporter after Jose Mourinho.Credit: EPA

As Sunsport first revealed, Amorim’s achievements put him on Manchester United’s radar.

And when Guardiola calls it a day in the city, Amorim could be in the frame to take charge of the alliance.

Philip Dias, senior editor of the Lisbon-based sports newspaper Records, said: “There has been no manager in Portugal since Mourinho like Robin Amorim.

“We are a small country but we have good managers like Mourinho and now Bruno Lag in the Premier League.

“I think Amorim is something special.”

But the 37-year-old’s personality is more like that of Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp than Mourinho.

Dias added: “Portuguese football is very militant. We are like a small Brazil or Argentina. There is a lot of animosity and tension, especially between the three big clubs.

“But Amorim is on a very different level. He is always calm, always positive, he doesn’t feel the need to say anything bad to annoy an opponent.

“The game is crazy, but it changed it overnight.

“Amorim was a Benfica supporter as a child. He played for Benfica. He was a Benfica man. But now he is worshiped in Sporting.

That’s because Amorim won his first full title in 19 years last season in his first full campaign.

It justified Sporting’s willingness to spend £ 8.4 million on the Braga award in March 2020.

Amorim is known for its stubbornness. In his new job, he applied the same strategies and principles that he had been told would not (incorrectly) work in Braga.

While the players in the current squad of the first team were not able to operate their 3-4-3 system, he promoted the youngsters of the prestigious Sporting Academy to play with experienced heads like former Liverpool defender Sebastian Coates. What

I think Amorim is also something special.

Philip Dias, record editor

Joao Palhinha returned from debt to anchor at midfield, and by signing 6m, Pedro Goncalزs, a former Wolves, broke all expectations by ending the season as the top scorer in the Premier League. Of

Earlier this season, Amorim became the fastest coach to reach 50 wins in Portugal’s top flight.

But the defense of this long-awaited title suffered another blow on Friday night in an unusual game of four goals and five red cards.

Sporting took a 2-0 lead over Leaders Porto, just before the second half, to send off the Coates.

Porto equalized with 12 minutes left and then at the end of the ten-minute stoppage time, two players from both teams were out after a heated argument.

A 2-2 draw put Porto above six points, but Amorim has already made history in the Champions League for Sporting by reaching the last 16 for the first time since 2008-09.

Guardiola will be a big step in the city class. But the ability to switch between pressing at the height of sporting, then inviting opponents to the next stage should be a problem for them.

Both Manchester clubs, Liverpool, Chelsea and all the major players in European football will be keeping a close eye on Amorim.

Dias said: “It’s only a matter of time before Amorim moves on to the big things in the big leagues.

“It would be great if you put Manchester United in front of it.

“But he can’t say, if he doesn’t feel it’s right to do it. It’s his way or no way.”

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