May 27, 2022

The unpopular Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke toasted the “great fans” of Los Angeles after fulfilling his Hollywood dream.

The head of the Gunners waved the NFL’s highest prize £ 4 billion SoFi Stadium after a dramatic Super Bowl on Sunday night.


Arsenal boss Stan Crowe praises LA Rams fans after winning Super BowlCredit: AFP
Gunners supporters want Crowe to have a similar interest in winning in the UAE


Gunners supporters want Crowe to have a similar interest in winning in the UAECredit: Rex

Kroenke’s Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20, resulting in a late touchdown from wide receiver and game MVP Cooper Kupp.

Unlike in north London, 74-year-old Mogul Kroenke is popular on the west coast of the United States after bringing football back to the city of Los Angeles in 2016.

After being offered the Vince Lombardi Trophy, the 74-year-old billionaire said: “I’m really proud of this group, everyone, I’m so happy for them.

“These players are incredible and they just hung out there. It was a difficult game and I am proud that they acted as they did.

“As far as the construction of this stadium is concerned – it turned out very well. Thanks to the great fans of Los Angeles – their first Super Bowl trophy at Rams House.

But his happiness did not receive much support from Gunners fans who want him to show the same love for his Premier League club.

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Jordan Hickson wrote on Twitter: “Now amsRamsNFL has won the #SuperBowl can Kroenke has now invested heavily in Arsenal so we can win love again.”

The train of thought was echoed by Larry Courier, who posted: “Now that Kroenke has won the #SuperBowl, can he use the same formula to build the @arsenal team to win the league and the Champions League?”

And another Gunner wrote: “Very well, now Stan Kroenky can put his money into weapons for God’s sake.”

Darius Lowhall hopes that when it comes to Arsenal, Kroenke has “something”, and Cameron Ahmed wants the Americans to “fund the summer to win the Champions League”.

Steve Nicole added: “He runs Arsenal like a corner shop – as long as he is making a lot of money there is no need to change as far as he is concerned.

“Nothing will change unless we have a new owner.”

Los Angeles has been without a team since 1995, when the Rams left for St. Louis before Cronke made plans to move them back.

In 2014, he bought a 60-acre plot in Englewood in southwest LA to build a new home for his team and the Chargers, who moved to the road from San Diego in 2017.

California Dreaming

Sean McVeigh – who became the youngest head coach in the history of modern NFL when Cronke hired him in 2017 at the age of 30 – was the next part of the Jigsaw.

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta was 37 when he took office in December 2019.

But when annoyed Gunners protested their team’s lack of signatures and inconclusive transfer windows, the Rams joined the star-studded ‘win now’ team in an attempt to land the Super Bowl on their home soil. Knitting

Kroenke bought his future first-round draft picks for established veterans and somehow remained under the league’s £ 135m salary cap.

Stars such as quarterback Matthew Stafford, wide receiver O’Dell Beckham Jr., cornerback Jalan Ramsey and outside linebacker Van Miller have already joined the talented team.

Stafford, 34, who moved to the Rams from the Detroit Lines in March last year, threw three touchdowns on Sunday.

And LA’s formidable defensive line equalized the Pittsburgh Steelers’ 46-year-old Super Bowl record by striking out Bengal quarterback Joe Borough seven times.

Following in the footsteps of Manchester United chief glaciers – who are also despised by his club’s fans – Kroenke successfully wins at his Sophie Stadium.

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The Red Devils’ owners saw their Tampa Bay Buccaneers win the Super Bowl at home last season, the first team to do so.

Legendary quarterback Tom Brady moved to Tampa Bay in 2020 after 20 glorious years in New England, where he won six Super Bowls.

And long-suffering Arsenal and United fans can only watch with envy while their owners enjoy the splendor across the pool.

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