May 28, 2022

The new figures, obtained by Scottish Labor, show the longest wait for ambulances in all A&E departments in Scotland between the beginning of October last year and the end of last month.

Average ambulance turnaround times have dropped to just 38 minutes on average compared to 40 minutes in November, but the average 10% longer wait has increased from eight minutes to one hour and 13 minutes.

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Scottish Labor has criticized the timing of ambulance changes in Scottish hospitals.

The turnaround is considered the time from the time the ambulance arrives at the hospital to the time it is ready for reuse, including the time it takes to deliver patients, wait for luggage, and clean the vehicle.

The longest turnaround time for a single ambulance in the last three months at Paisley’s Royal Alexandra Hospital was approximately 11 hours (10 hours and 43 minutes).

Kilmarnock University Hospital Cross House saw the second longest time at nine hours and six minutes.

Scottish Labor health spokesman Jackie Bailey said the figures were “incredibly alarming”.

He said: “These maximum shift times are incredibly disturbing and show that our ambulance service is under tremendous pressure.

“Make no mistake, turnaround times of this length are dangerous and unacceptable.

“The staff is working tirelessly all the time, but [health secretary] Hamza Yousuf has completely failed to accompany him during the winter ambulance crisis.

“We’ve heard stories of people dying in ambulances on the driveways because of the long wait, while others have died before the ambulance arrives.”

Glasgow’s Flagship Hospital also had the longest wait, with an ambulance waiting seven hours and 37 minutes at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital before it could pick up another patient.

Kirk Caldi’s Victoria Hospital had the longest wait, with the longest turnaround time of six hours and 53 minutes, while Lorbit’s Fourth Valley Royal Hospital had the longest wait of four hours and 22 minutes.

Edinburgh’s hospitals performed better, but still the maximum was four hours and two minutes for Royal Infirmary and three hours and 14 minutes for sick children.

The lowest turnarounds in Scotland were waiting for just 45 minutes at Kirkwall’s Balfour Hospital, one hour and 12 minutes at Oak’s Cathnas General Hospital and one hour and 22 minutes at Gilbert Bean Hospital in Leroux.

The longest turnaround time on record is 11 hours and 17 minutes, which was recorded in 2018.

The Scottish Government says Covid-19 has further aggravated the situation, calling it the “biggest shock” to the NHS in its existence and that reducing health boards and ambulance service change times. Working for

A spokesman said: “The challenges posed by the long turnaround of ambulances are a response to the whole system and steps are being taken in hospitals to take patients to the emergency departments as soon as possible.

“Hours are affected by the time it takes to deliver a patient, wait for the return of goods and clean up an ambulance. Includes approved increase plans and daily discussions.

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