May 24, 2022
Frank Warren releases new music and goes on tour (Photo: Ben Morris)

“We are at this painful juncture in history – we do not know what is going to happen.”

Punk and folk singer Frank Turner has released a new album.

During his ongoing tour, he discusses his latest releases and upcoming tour dates.

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The album released last week via Xtra Mile Recordings / Polydor is called FTHC.

Since starting his tour dates in January, Turner has been performing throughout the month to promote his new music.

What kind of album is this?

The name of your new album clearly refers to hardcore punk. But this is not a strict album. What did you think of it?

“As a solo artist, it’s very difficult to have a logo that is not navel, so when I first started working on my own in 2007, I was toying with different things and creating the FTHC logo, which There’s a reference to that, of course. Old American hardcore things, like the New York hard core, the Los Angeles hard core, and so on. “

Frank Turner’s FTHC logo

He added: “It was kind of a joke, but it turned out to be something people liked, so it went on backdrop and t-shirts, etc .. I always thought it was good for an album. The title would be, so when the content for it started to go the way it was, I thought, ‘That’s what this is going to be!’

“The record isn’t necessarily a hard record in itself, although tracks like MyBed and NonServim are as close to old-school hardcore as I am going to be as a solo artist, I think.

The concept of the album

“Although in some ways, it’s going back thematically in many ways, but at the same time I’ve never set a record like that before. There are some bits that look like millionaires as much as I did. As a solo artist I never did before, but it’s going back to the roots of my musical tastes.

“I grew up listening to punk songs and the whole album is not full of them. There is a general attitude and point of view about the record that comes out of it.

“I wanted it to be on your face and front foot, which is pretty much where it ended.”

Ideas for recording a new album

You’ve spent your entire adult life playing gigs on the street, but after stopping it for the last two years, how much was on your mind when you were writing and recording a new album?

Back on tour

And what were your thoughts on returning to the stage for the long awaited UK tour?

“It’s weird because I’ve made records in the past that were made in a room, very lively with the band.

“Also, as it was all remote, there are people on it that I haven’t met in the body yet, but the general style and approach is that it was designed to run 100% live. Is.

“It should be played in a hot sweaty room with corpses flying and the floor bouncing. That’s what was written with that in mind.

“We are at a painful juncture in history where we do not know what is going to happen next, but it was built for that.

“One thing about lockdown, and especially about live streaming, in which I did more than my fair share, is that it really did show why live music is so good and Why is it different?

“It’s not just about the music and the band, it’s about everyone in the room.

“That’s what live music is all about and I really can’t wait to get it right and do it again.”

Tour dates include …

February 16 – Bristol, O2 Academy

February 19 – Southampton, O2 Guild Hall

February 20 – Brighton, Dome

February 22 – University of Exeter

February 23 – Reading, Hexagon

February 25 – Oxford, O2 Academy

February 26 – Folkestone, Liz Cliff Hall

February 27 – London, O2 Academy Brixton.

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