May 23, 2022
The couple is singing a romantic song on karaoke.

The British are singing their hearts out on Valentine’s Day. According to ROXi, a series of romantic knots is appearing on karaoke playlists at our house. According to data from the free TV music app, Matt Loaf is still alive. His classic power ballad, “I Will Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do It)” has increased the popularity of karaoke as music fans pay homage to the late rock legend.

The entertainment industry and millions of fans around the world were devastated when the legendary singer and actor passed away recently (January 20) at the age of 74.

But his death has increased the redemption of the 1993 Smash Hut by 146% compared to 2021 figures. *

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And since his death, the track play of popular love songs, which tops 28 countries, has also seen a dramatic 268% increase. *

Matt Loaf – whose real name was Maroon Lee Ade – was also honored by the Queens Guard musicians who played the brass version of the track on the grounds of Buckingham Palace.

His other big hit, A Beat Out of Hell, also added to the karaoke charts after Rocker’s death.

The data is released by free TV Music and Karaoke App ROXi, with an impressive catalog of over 70 million music releases, including every music video, song and album and all the latest hits.

The app monitors ROXi karaoke fans’ song selection to compile the current top 10 most frequently performed tracks.

Rob Lewis, chief executive of ROXi, which prides itself on investors such as Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue, said: Can see, will live. “

The figures come at a time when the nation is in a love mood on Valentine’s Day.

A series of romantic knots is appearing on our karaoke playlists until February 14.

John Legend’s ‘All of Me’, dedicated to his wife Chrissy Tegan, who starred in the music video, is another popular choice, as is Adele’s ‘Simon Like You’.

And Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’ is also giving a lot of performances.

But the list is not all ‘heart and flower’, with a handful of anti-romantic songs seeing an increase in downloads.

Among them is Kallis’ classic ‘Cat Out There’ with the infamous’ I Hate You Right Now! ‘ The song

Little Mix’s ‘Shout Out to My X’, a 2016 Bert Awards song written about moving forward after a relationship, also made the list.

‘All from My Self’ by Celine Devon looks like it will be a popular choice for those who want to express their irony on their lonely Valentine’s Day.

Lewis continued: “It’s interesting to see how diverse the selection of current karaoke songs is; from romantic songs celebrating love, to big breakup tracks.”

“At ROXi, we recently launched a scientific biometric study that showed that just four minutes of singing can increase your heart rate to 139bpm.

“So whether you’re sympathizing or celebrating Valentine’s Day, an easy way to increase your heart rate is to hold the mic and make your heart beat faster.”

Taylor Swift is another artist whose voice fans in karaoke are trying to imitate in the form of her 2008 hit ‘Love Story’, which she wrote about an ex who was disliked by her friends and family. What

While Ariana Grande’s empowering song ‘Thank u, next’, in which she also sings about the characteristics of her ex-boyfriend.

Aliens Morriset’s ‘You Ufta No’ in which she gets angry about an unfaithful lover will also be played – and will be sung along with it – often.

ROXi’s new free TV Music App is available on Smart TVs, including Sky Q, Fire TV and Android TV, Google TV including compatible Sony, Philips, Panasonic, TCL, HiSense and Shield Smart TVs with Samsung TV later this year. Arriving. The ROXi is also available as a music entertainment console with microphone controller for use with any TV.

The top five meat bread tracks are being performed.

I will do anything for love (but I will not do it)

You took the words out of my mouth

Heaven through Dashboard Light

I will lie to you (and it is true)

Top ten karaoke ballads performed.

Adele – Someone like you

John Legend – All in All

Taylor Swift – Love Story

Little Mix – Scream My Ex.

Ariana Grande – Thank you, next

Aliens Morriset – You should know.

Celine Devon – All from me

Kallis – Caught There.

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