August 4, 2022

A senior diplomat who was “extremely stressed” after working on the Corona virus crisis and the Harry Dunn case was found hanging from a tree, an inquiry has heard.

Richard Morris, 52, went missing near his home in Hampshire in 2020, but his body was not found until three months later.


Richard Morris was depressed before his death.Credit: GOV
Mr Morris, the former ambassador to Nepal, hosted a ceremony with Prince Harry.


Mr Morris, the former ambassador to Nepal, hosted a ceremony with Prince Harry.Credit: Getty Images – Getty Images

The former ambassador to Nepal was working long hours to coordinate the minister’s briefing when the British government was fighting the corona virus epidemic for the first time.

Mr Morris was part of a team that worked on the Harry Dunn case, near RAF Croton in 2019, after a teenage girl was crushed by Anne Sacolas.

An inquest into his death today found that he was “completely insecure” about the demands of the Quaid Task Force.

His wife, Allison Morris, claimed that her husband feared there was not enough time to process the information and told her that he was “not responsible for Covid 19.”

“I think he felt like he was being told to be a man and be more flexible,” he told IWPR.

Allison believes that as a result, Mr Morris was “disappointed” to be at the top if what was happening and “had no real-time vacation.”

Most read in the Scottish Sun.

He was last seen running near his home on May 6, 2020, which he often did to relieve stress, and was later found hanged in Alice Holt Forest three months later.

The couple returned to the UK after working in Nepal for several years, and MR Morris worked for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) in London for several months before his expected posting in Fiji.

His wife explained that she was “proud” to work for FCDO, and found it “diverse, motivating and compelling”.

Hunts, the Winchester Coroner’s Court, heard that he had struggled to adjust to his return to work in London.

During his tenure within the CoVID-19 Task Force, he helped coordinate briefings for ministers, and worked in a time of pressure when Prime Minister Boris Johnson was under intensive care.

His wife added: “It was the most stressful thing he ever did. He was very stressed.

“I don’t know when he started sweating at night but I told Richard he should see a doctor. He said he was just tense. The bed must be completely wet.

“At the top of the list, the potential consequences of any of these mistakes were likely to be very public.”

“If any information error goes through it, the government or the civil service will be torn down.”

‘The rest of the diplomats’

After disappearing during the escape, police launched an investigation and conducted an extensive search.

When his body was found, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab broke the news to staff that he was dead, and described him as an “excellent diplomat” who “served his country well.”

Raab said: “We have received the sad news that they have found the body of our much-loved colleague Richard Morris.

“I am deeply saddened by his death and my heart goes out to his wife and their three children.

“Many of you will feel it personally. He served his country as a great diplomat who embodied her excellent government.

“He was a very popular companion and will be greatly missed.”

At the time, Foreign Office COO Peter Jones said many colleagues paid tribute to Mr. Morris, calling him a “true diplomat” and “the best of us.”

The investigation is ongoing.

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He went missing after fleeing in May 2020.


He went missing after fleeing in May 2020.Credit: Solvent
His wife, Allison, described him as one. "Silent Extravart"


His wife, Allison, described him as a “silent extrovert.”Credit: INS

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