August 7, 2022

With the signing of Clyde striker David Goodwill – a 2016 civil court decision to rapist despite no criminal trial – sparked widespread outrage inside and outside the club and beyond. Made

With the financial cost to the club due to the termination of the Goodwill deal in a dramatic U-turn, this has yet to be confirmed, the statement said, adding that such matters are still under discussion.

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Last week, Rovers boss John McGlyn confirmed that Goddard was not training with the club.

John Sim, chairman of Reith.

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Fife is the first in Scotland to allow plastic bags and food wrappers inside …

The statement reads in full: “The Board of Directors and the CEO, who we have already acknowledged was a wrong decision regarding the Deadline Day Transfer, after further consideration, our supporters, volunteers and clubs Would like to provide a wider community connected to an update.

In doing so, we urge everyone to be aware of the fact that a number of legal and financial issues are still being discussed with the parties concerned, and thus we are limited to the information we have. Can share at this time.

“The last two weeks have been a terrible one in the club’s long and proud history, and once again we apologize for the inconvenience and for those who have been affected in any way by the issues raised.

“We fully acknowledge that we have a long way to go before we reach this point where thousands of people who are part of the Reth Rovers family feel that they have confidence and trust in those of us who Work on a daily basis. Decisions in the club.

“Some of the first phase of this journey is already underway.

“We have reached out to support groups, and meetings have taken place. Talks will begin in the coming weeks with further plans to agree on a plan to repair the damage to reputation and finances.”

“We know this will not be easy and we are not reducing the workload in front of us. However, this is one. However, we are fully committed to the belief that the club will be out of this strong in the long run. Can come

The last two weeks have also provided an important reminder that the club relies on volunteer time, energy and commitment in many activities.

“We have never valued our volunteers, and we regret that some have decided to step down in the current circumstances.

We fully understand and respect such initiatives, but it is our hope, and sincere desire, that when we are trying to rebuild and restore trust and relationships within the Rovers family, that club I will come back

“Similarly, we hope that those fans who have withdrawn their support due to their anger over the Deadline Day events will decide for us the progress we are promising and appropriate. Time will tell if they are able to return to Stark’s Park.

We have also initiated consultations to review the club’s composition board of directors to expand the board’s experience and expertise and ensure full representation of all our stakeholders.

“We will complete it by the end of the season and then we will report the results. In the meantime, the other four board members, the CEO and all the staff of the club are fully engaged in the club going through this difficult time.

“Finally, as a board and CEO, we would like to say how proud we are of the team and management’s efforts in the recent Cup tie at Celtic Park.”

“The score in no way reflected the performance they put on the pitch, while the performance and support of the spectators outside the pitch was excellent.

“It was a reminder of how valuable the relationship between the club, the players and our motivators is.”

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