May 27, 2022

Over the next five days, university workers from Edinburgh, Dundee, Glasgow, Harriet Watt, St Andrews, Sterling, Strathclyde and the Open University of Scotland will go on strike after the University and College Union (UCU) said they would strike. Refusal to withdraw deductions. His pension scheme

The operation will continue for the next two weeks, with students facing a ten-day dispute over pay, pensions and working conditions, with about 6,000 staff in Scotland being allowed to strike.

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UCU General Secretary Joe Grady said the students and staff had failed because senior management was pressuring them through “brutal pension cuts”. “They have done nothing to alleviate falling wages, pay inequalities, overuse of unsecured contracts and unregulated workloads,” he said.

University of Edinburgh students

“It’s outrageous that when they should try to resolve this dispute, employer representatives are looking for new ways to cut salaries for university workers instead,” he said.

“Instead of punishing their own workforce, these so-called leaders need to look in the mirror and ask why the students support the striking staff and why their own workforce is so frustrated. . “

The union said its members had experienced 20% real-time cuts over the past 12 years, and had a workload.

UCU Scotland is set to hold a rally in Glasgow city center on Monday, in which the general secretary, students, NUS Scotland president Matt Curley and others will speak in support of industrial action.

In addition to this week’s five-day strike, staff will walk out of 11 Scottish universities on February 21 and 22 as part of the dispute.

Ten companies will be seen walking out for three days from February 28 in a dispute over pay and working conditions.

NUS has said it is supporting the industrial action, with student unions and UCU ready to take the campaign to Hollyroad on February 22 in what it described as a “rally for education.”

Ms Grady said: “Students stand with our members because they know that university staff work harder and pay less.

“And they know that the department can afford to treat its workers with respect. As the ten-day operation begins today, the Vice-Chancellors must immediately come to the table and resolve these disputes.” UCU needs help.

In Scotland, striking workers from across the UK have joined the strike, with 44 university staff on strike.

To resolve the pension dispute, the union said it wants universities to accept its proposals for staff and employers to pay a little more and cut its deductions under the Universities Super Innovation Scheme (USS) pension pot. Change to

UCU has called for a 2,500 pay increase for all staff, as well as action to “deal with irregular workloads, pay inequality and the use of unsafe and exploitative contracts”.

A spokesman for USS Employers said that after two years of disruption to education, it was “disappointing” that a small minority had planned to walk out today.

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