May 28, 2022

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss says ending Russia’s dependence on gas supplies is key to safeguarding democracy in Europe.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast amid news of Russia reducing its presence on Ukraine’s eastern and northern borders, Truss highlighted how the “extremely damaging” war in Ukraine could inevitably result in energy prices. This will lead to an increase in the need for “finding alternative sources”.

“Only three per cent of our gas in the UK comes from Russia, which is different from continental Europe. We are working to help people make ends meet, but of course the war in Ukraine will hurt the European gas market further.

Truss argued that Government petrol Duty Freeze saves consumers “£ 15 each time they refuel.” However, he highlighted the “global situation of high oil and gas prices”, adding: “For the long-term future of independence and democracy in Europe, we need to reduce our dependence on Russian gas.”


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Sky News questioned the crisis earlier today. Proposed That this Will do In the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, the “Nord Stream 2” gas pipeline would be considered “just frivolous”. He hopes that German Chancellor Olaf Schulz will send a “very clear” message to Russian President Vladimir Putin, with whom he is due to speak today.

Truss responded to questions about the prime minister’s comments about Labor leader Carestarmer and his refusal to apologize for failing to prosecute Jimmy Sewell.

He told Sky News: “The prime minister has clarified his remarks and of course I am very sorry for what happened to Carestarmer.” Referring to the crowd of Foreign Secretary David Lemmy

Many participants were shouting about Savile, while more videos circulating on social media showed protesters shouting about the “New World Order” and “traitors” and “pedo file guards” on Sir Kerr. “It simply came to our notice then.

Protests erupted after comments were made by Boris Johnson in the Commons, in which he accused the Labor leader of “failing to prosecute journalists and Jimmy Sewell” during his tenure as director of public prosecution.

“Every politician needs to be able to do his job without fear. This is very important,” added Truss. With verbal abuse, which we should blame. ”

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