May 27, 2022
Edgehill beat Itis Itis Rovers 7-0.

Pierre took an early 2-0 lead through Rich Toledo Bryce, but Scalby managed to get the back post through Dan Weir after a great performance despite Zam Deans.

Weir then scored again on the score sheet 2-2, but Toleda restored Pierre’s lead with a superb individual goal in seven seconds after the resumption.

Rob Spitt once again leveled a great pass to level it 3-3 by the Danes.

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Scalby then took the lead for the first time, when Veer completed his hat-trick before half-time to take a 4-3 lead at home on the break.

Pierre then came out after the break. All the guns were firing, but it was Spit who hit again for Scalby, hitting a brilliant shot into the top corner of the goal from 20 yards out.

Toleda scored its fourth goal and Declan Richardson’s effort equalized the score, but James Clifford scored for the hosts to make it 6-5, after another great teamwork between Sam Mead and Danes.

It looked as if Scalby was taking points. Pierre’s Richardson scored 6-6 with seven minutes left.

Kasey Clegg shines in a 1-0 win over Goal Sports for Edgehill Reserves.

Scalby boss Steve Marsh said: “It was a great game of football and it was well refereed by Jaz Clifford.

Pierre’s player-boss Johnny McGuire said: “Pierre was the man of the match today because he scored four goals, including our game goal, including a rocket shot into the corner above 25 yards.

“We played naked 11, veteran Dave Crawford had to dig his shoes to help his club.

“Credit to those guys who never gave up and never gave up, even in horrible situations.”

Leaders Filey Town Competed below 2-1 to claim the last-ditch home victory of 3-2 against title rivals. Newlands.

James Pinder started scoring for Town, which got off to a strong start, but Newlands then competed thanks to goals from Ben Lantley and Dan Ferrer from the penalty spot.

The visitors looked to be 2-1 up at half-time, but Town struggled to find the back of the net to retain all three points and maintain their unbeaten record this season.

With the wind on his back, the files came out and piled on the pressure and after 35 minutes of trying to break New Zealand’s determined defense, victory finally came when Super Sub Ryan Baldry took the ball to his feet and mastered it. Turned over and finished. The bottom corner of the box.

Filey then began to push the men forward to get the winner, and this came in the final moments of the game when Lane Briggs jumped from the whip in the corner to win the header to the back post. , Which started a big celebration by the file squad. .

The man of the match was Tyler Beck.

Edge Hill Returned to winning ways with a 7-0 victory at the end Itis Itis Rovers.

Owe Side scored three goals in the first 20 minutes through Sean Axley, captain Joe Gallagher and veteran Ben David.

Exley continued scoring in the second half, adding three more from 20 yards, including a Divine chip, trapping keeper Alice Wilson.

Forty-one-year-old Martin Coulson left the years behind, looking for a corner below the edge of the box to complete the score 7-0.

Exley was named Edgehill’s Man of the Match and Lloyd Henderson ran close to him with a superb performance from behind.

Ken Renaissance and keeper Wilson were named Man of the Match for the home side.

Edge Hill Reserve Claimed a 1-0 home win against Round sports I The second division.

Joseph Fergus scored the crucial goal in the 75th minute after a brilliant performance by veteran Lee Dennis.

Veteran center-backs Matthew Burling and Glenn Gibson were solid throughout the game, while 16-year-old Logan Atkinson and Casey Clegg both played well.

The game was played in terrible weather conditions which led to a very tough competition in which there were not many opportunities for either team.

Goal Sports boss Mark Plumpton said: “We fought really well and played very well to be fair. We also had three great scoring opportunities but we didn’t take advantage of them.

“Our Man of the Match James Kelly debuted on the left back.”

Seymour Sports Reserves Won 7-1. Newlands Reserve.

New Zealand’s Man of the Match keeper was Jeevan Cordocks.

I Scarborough and District FA Junior Cup, West Pier Reserve Won 2-0 at Ryedale Sports Club Reserves.

Visitors Pierre took a 1-0 lead at halftime through Martin Cooper after strong support from Max McNevin.

Pierre got off to a fast start in the second half, and after some good play by Sam Garnett, player-boss Will Jenkinson and Benny Davis, Jenkinson knocked Jack Adams out of the box and gave the side a 2-0 lead. done.

The Rydell keeper then made several spectacular saves to keep the score to 2-0.

Jenkinson said: “We dominated the game, and for us the man of the match was Adams and Mickey Pickering.”

Filey Town Reserve Got out East Riding FA Junior Country Cup Leon beat MC Reserve 4-2 at home.

Tom Hexby and Liam Van Wright scored well for the hosts.

Aaron Howard was the man of the match for his busy performance, while Dave Wedge offered the team organization and quality as a new signature.

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