August 10, 2022

It was a two-day program of entertainment, workshops and education, focusing on environmental positive action and the United Nations global goals.

This is the latest exciting phase of the school’s ongoing EU-funded work with the Schools Project for Ethical Enterprise Development (SPEED), and creates the legacy needed for Cop26, the United Nations Climate Change Summit, held in Glasgow last November. Was

The Global Goals, formally known as the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs, are 17 ambitious goals that, in collaboration with world leaders from 193 countries, will address poverty reduction, fight inequality, and climate change by 2030. They have the power to make the world a better place. Change

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Eskdale School eco team with young and staff guests Scarborough and Whitby MP Sir Robert Goodwill, Sam Cannon, Managing Director of EJ Music Ltd and Cliff Southcombe, Founder of Social Enterprise International.

There was a lot of excitement at Escdale School due to the various events taking place throughout the day.

Event organizer Sam Cannon, whose previous work includes Formula E and the Ministry of Sound, brings the group to assemblies each year, explaining the grand plan for the road show, which will begin on May 27 and 28 in Escadel this year. Will visit UK and Europe. Partners Social Enterprise International and Future for Humanity Foundation.

Sam said: “We wanted to create a series of events that are run by young people, for young people, with a focus on creating the impact needed to make the planet a better place.

“Eskdale saved his school in the past, now let’s give him his next job is to save the world.

“I couldn’t think of a better school to start a Future of Humanity.”

Escadel students had previously saved their school from falling into the hands of property developers.

Schools and communities rallied and campaigned on the streets of Whitby to make sure the school stood today.

“And what a legacy,” Sam said. “Even today, we are working on a project that will help save the planet.

“I’m excited to be working with students on such an incredible message.”

Over the past few months, the events team has been working closely with The Eco Club at Eskdale School, the driving force behind the event.

The Eco Club students had the opportunity to ask Sir Robert a number of questions about climate change and sustainable development in the local community, and to share further ideas with professional organizers when the students talked about what they did at the event. Want to see

They were able to express their views and ask questions to further help them understand, including technical features ranging from licensing to marketing to catering.

Rachel Winspear, lead teacher at the SPEED project, said: “All the students involved in this project are incredible, their passion for the work we are doing and their dedication to climate action is contagious.

“It’s an honor to work with these young people because they are proud to be the leaders of tomorrow.

“They are literally the future of humanity.”

The Future of Humanity road show will start on Friday 27th May and Saturday 28th May at Escdale School.

Sir Robert added: “I am really excited that Escadel School is involved with this project, which has so many different facets.

“It’s about music and culture, it’s about improving awareness and building an enterprise and your company.”

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