May 24, 2022

In the hit Netflix documentary, Tinder Swindler, conman Simon Leviev is followed by a delegation of people, including a bodyguard and a colleague.

Now, a British doctor claims to have briefly dated Leviev’s partner, Auschwitz. Here we know about “Avi”.


Leviv’s friend played a brief role in the hit documentary.Credit: simon.leviev.of / Instagram

Who is Simon Leviev’s business partner?

Avishe, who went through “Avi”, is an accomplice of Simon Leviv, an Israeli criminal named Shimon Hewitt, who claimed to be the heir to a ارب 1 billion diamond company, revealed in Netflix’s hit series, Thunder Swindler. was done.

A British doctor has claimed that he had a brief meeting with Ayesha in a stormy romance, where he met a group of friends, including Simon and a “blonde Scandinavian girl”.

She said she met Auschwitz on the tender and even went to Berlin with him. She decided that she would prefer a relationship with someone who lived in the same place.

Most read in the Scottish Sun.

Was Auschwitz involved in Simon Levy’s illegal activities?

Credits from Tinder Swindler on Netflix say that Avishay has never been accused of being Simon Levy’s business partner.

But Levitt is thought to have defrauded victims worldwide of an estimated 10 million.

He told his victims that he was the son of Israeli diamond tycoon Leo Levy – but had no family connection.

It has forced women across Europe to constantly “travel for work” and live a life of luxury at the expense of their previous goal.

Leviv always promised to return his dates, but this always happened with poor checks and incomplete bank transfers.

With the help of one of his victims, Elaine Charlotte, Leviv was eventually hunted down by Interpol in Greece.

He was extradited to Israel in July 2019 for using a fake passport, and in December of that year he was convicted of theft, fraud and forgery.

He was wanted in Israel, Sweden, England, Germany, Denmark and Norway.

He was sentenced to 15 months in prison but was released only five months later for good behavior.

What has been said about Oveisha?

As stated. Mail onlineBritish doctor Sarah Simon and her colleagues managed to shell out their savings to protect them from “their enemies”.

The 36-year-old doctor had a “whirlpool relationship” with Ayesha after meeting him on a tender in 2017.

She says she drank and ate and stayed overnight in hotels in London and Berlin.

However, the relationship “deteriorated” because she could not see herself as part of her “crazy jet set lifestyle.”

He explained that he had bought his flight back to Manchester when Simon exploded in his bedroom, claiming that he had to move to another German county immediately after being attacked by his enemies. Was being chased

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