May 27, 2022

For any car manufacturer, changing and updating your best-selling model – in the UK and across Europe – is a major challenge. Think it wrong, and right. ?

That is the challenge. Lexus It faces the introduction of the 2022 NX 350h, the second generation of the Japanese premium company’s mid-size SUV that has already sold over 1 million units globally. The question is, is the package correct?


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Certainly from the outside, there’s no need to worry about the NX looking impressive. This new model is actually larger than the first generation of 2014, and sits on the same Toyota RAV4 on the same TNGA-K model platform and HighlanderAs a result, the NX is growing an inch or more.

But more importantly, the newcomer has a lower center of gravity, thanks to its wider Excel tracks and more rigid chassis. All of this comes together to make sure the new NX feels more attached to the corners. Oh, and there’s a brand new interior, with the star of the show having a 14-inch infotainment screen. More on that later.

Engine and performance

The more powerful NX 450h + plug-in hybrid, with all its 40-mile electric drive, was launched last year. It has a Lexus “self-charging” petrol-electric hybrid here. It’s a smart piece of technology, and further strengthens Toyota / Lexus’ reputation for mastering petrol-electric technology. It is worth noting that Lexus is a hybrid Stalwart. Each model in the range comes with V8 engine RC and LC sports cars as well as exclusively electrified power trains.

The new 2.5-liter hybrid system is 25% more powerful than the Mk1 NX – a 241bhp total output that is powered by two electric motors, all four wheels powered by a CVT automatic gearbox – which The result is a time of 0-62mph. 7.7 seconds, maximum speed of 124mph and official economy of 44.1mpg.

This economy doesn’t look good, but as we know, there are statistics, and there are irrelevant statistics. And when it comes to fuel consumption in hybrids, what you get is a direct result of how you drive. There is a skill – balancing the power of the combustion engine with hybrid electric – and once you get over it, the official WLTP figures are unbeatable. On my 70-odd mile test run of mixed driving, I regularly exceeded 50mpg. When I parked the car at the end of the run, my average was over 48mpg.

It’s a diesel-powered performance around the city, and it’s associated with a refinery that reflects the most advanced all-electric cars. It’s very quiet at slow speeds, and the NX 350h’s ability to wake up to two sources of power is impressive.

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This NX is brand new and it means brand new entry. And that’s the best. The quality is top notch. Some – especially fellow Jarnus who was over 6 feet tall – noticed that there was a knee room at the back, and the headroom, on the narrow side. Me? At 5 feet 8 inches I could easily sit in the back of my driving position, and there was plenty of headroom. He, attached to the driver’s seat and auxiliary, confirmed that the cabin was a fun place to be.

But while Lexus has long specialized in fitting soft, squash fabrics on doors and dashboards, what really stands out in the cabin of the new NX is that the designers have noticed that now Has been a big weak point until: say hello to the new Lexus Link Pro infotainment system. You can’t remember that. Available in a central position and with a 14-inch screen, it dominates the cabin. But it does so with style and design style Tesla drivers can only envy. The frustrating, fidelity touchpad system of the previous NX generation is gone, and has been replaced by a responsive, easy-to-operate touch screen and voice command. Not only is it brilliantly crisp and clear, but it’s also quite intuitive. And at the bottom of the screen are large rotary dials for driver and passenger to control their climate settings, as well as easy touch controls for fans. The joy of happiness.

Price and details

When you step on the premium pack, the Link Pro screen becomes the standard, which is expected to be the best-selling in the UK. However, the range, priced at £ 39,250, starts with the simple NX, which includes 18-inch wheels, heated leather seats, and a 9.8-inch infotainment system, although Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard. Has been installed.

The Premium Plus model, in turn, is one step above the premium, which includes the NX Spec’s head-up display, upgraded headlights, wireless charging, privacy glass, 360-degree camera, keyless entry and 20-inch alloy.

The F-Sport Trim, which I drove with the E-4 all-wheel drive system, as well as the Takomi Pack with sunroof, is priced at £ 54,800, and includes sports seats, adaptive suspension, automatic parking, Mark Levinson stereo and Azure Blue. Paint included. Extra.


I imagine the person who buys the NX – especially in the F Sport spec – will do so because he knows what they want. Exterior style is a very bold and positive style. It looks dynamic, but it doesn’t provide much dynamics in the driving experience. Instead, it provides the driver and occupants with a comfortable, comfortable, efficient and enjoyable luxury cabin in which to travel. I realize the NX driver will never be in a hurry; yet he will always be the kind of person who arrives 10 minutes before his appointment. They are organized and controlled.

The NX offers seamless driveability and real-world performance and that combined with new class leading technology and its charming cabin ensures that the latest self-charging petrol electric Lexus NX Hybrid as an attractive package. Will continue

Lexus NX 350h F Sport AWDP Price: £ 54,800 (£ 55,720 as test) engine: 2.5 liter, four cylinder, two electric motors besides petrol; power: 241bhp Torque: n / A Transfer: CVT automatic Four Wheel Drive High speed: 124 miles per hour; 2 mph: 7.7 seconds Livelihood: 44.1-47.9mpg CO2 emissions: 133-146 grams / km

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