May 27, 2022

Recently I spent some time with the Audi e-tron GT – German brand’s All Electric Super Saloon.

The sleek four-door Fastback packs 523bhp, which can hit 62mph in 4.5 seconds, and the one I’ve tested is priced at £ 105,000 before the options. As cute as it is, it’s hardly an option for most family buyers.

Audi While that’s fine with this, because the GTE-Tron is the flagship of the family, it has a growing pool of all-electric models aimed at increasing the number of people buying cars.

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Cars like the Q4 e-tron. As the number suggests, this is an SUV that is clean between Q3 and Q5 models but, by contrast, is a pure electric model.

Even without a badge, you will definitely be able to keep it. The cookie cutter Audi SUV is definitely visible on the outside. It’s a bit faster than the Q3 or Q5, especially around the headlights, bumper and big false grille, but a quick look is enough to know it’s an Audi SUV. This is a criticism that can be leveled at Audi’s main rivals.

So it’s not a classic design, but it looks neat and compact on the street, with short overhangs and some clever sculpture. And that little bit of storage outweighs the impressive amount of space inside.

The front ones have room for expansion and a range of adjustments that will give comfort to anyone but even the rear seat passengers will have adequate space, supported by a flat floor and high ceiling line.

I’ve been a fan of Audi’s interior for a long time and the Q4 beats all the notes like its stable counterparts. The content is usually top notch and the fit and finish is exactly what you would expect from a premium brand. Conrad metal finishes, high gloss plastic, well-dampened controls and soft, comfortable leather seats all have a sense of quality. And the design is a bit bolder than the exterior. For starters there is a squared off steering wheel, a dash that is fastened to and away from the driver, and a bold metallic panel that overlays part of the dash.

Still, surprisingly, after a week with both Q4 and A. Ford Mustang Mach E. On my drive, I turned more towards Ford. Audi excels in quality, but compared to Mach-e’s simple layout and more or less devices, the Q4 feels a bit busy. It’s not random, but with multiple buttons and switching to more sophisticated device options, it somehow feels a bit old-fashioned beyond the Mustang. I would also take a more periodic approach. Skoda Eniak On Q4’s more traditional cabin.

I’ll take a list of any of these car accessories to Audi. Our £ 51k launch edition features fancy touches such as a tri-zone climate control, a head-up display and matrix LED lights but somehow more “mainstream” rental like a lace entry or reversing camera is omitted. ۔

You can definitely pay less for the Q4 e-tron. Prices for the entry level Sport 35 start a
t around £ 43,000. Represents the sport trim, 35 means it has a small battery and low power motor. However, our car came with a mid-range “40” drive train, with an 82kWh battery and a 201bhp motor that drives the rear wheels.

This is probably the sweetest spot in the range, the official 305 mile range (approximately 250 in the real world) is the best in the Q4 lineup and the Power 35 has a sensible middle ground between 167bhp and 295bhp of 50. . Larger battery cars also come with a faster 125kW DC capacity so if you’re away from home you can cover 80 miles in less than 10 minutes, eliminating the last signs of borderline distress. I help

Like all EVs, the way the Q4 delivers its power instantly is as impressive as the almost silent and completely linear progress by you. It’s not as fast as some of the alternatives, but you have to ask how important a 0-60 time maneuver is in a family SUV compared to a smooth easy drive.

The driving experience is similarly sensible. The steering wheel has a reasonable weight but it runs like any other mid-size SUV with a solid, stable feel rather than a real engagement. Thankfully, Audi’s fast ride quality days are long gone and the Q4 manages to handle most situations well. Just repairing a bad road like a sharp edge catches it a bit.

Audi has high hopes for the Q4, which is expected to quickly become one of its best-selling mainstream models. It certainly covers all mainstream bases – the traditional look, the space for an average family, the proven drive train with a high quality interior and good range.

However, it also has a premium Audi price, which sets it apart from models that share the same platform – VW ID.4, Skoda Enyaq and Seat Born. And the problem is that it doesn’t differ much from the other models.

It’s a great electric SUV, but so is the Enyaq, with a single drive train, a clean interior and more luggage for less than £ 10,000. And compared to the £ 50,000 Mach-e, the Audi lacks range and driver engagement.

For some people that will not matter and the famous four color badge will suffice but if the value is important then there are better options.

Audi Q4 e-tron launch edition

Price: £ 49,875 (£ 51,165 as test) Motor: Single 150kW Battery: 82kWh power: 201bhp Torque: 229lb ft Transfer: Single speed, rear wheel drive; High speed: 100 mph; 0-62 mph: 8.5 seconds WLTP range: 304 miles;Using WLTP: 3.4 miles per kilowatt hour; Charging: Up to 125 kW

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