May 28, 2022
Andy Cowling, aged 35 and 51: “We’re never too old to make up for the loss, but to do that we need a lifestyle change.”

“98% of all illnesses are lifestyle related, our bodies don’t disappoint us, we leave our bodies down,” says Andy Cowling. Ultimate Transformation ProgramThe 12-week diet and exercise scheme is aimed at those who want to change their health and fitness, restore lost fitness levels and improve their quality of life.

“We don’t get sick overnight, it’s a gradual process in which the body deteriorates over time because it doesn’t get what it needs – or gains more than it doesn’t need – effectively. To work with, “he explains.

Andy says that all we need in the way of essential nutrients and vitamins is just a complete natural ‘real’ whole food with clean drinking water, daily exercise / activity / movement, sunshine, fresh air and adequate nutrition. , Can be obtained with deep quality. Gold

How changing your lifestyle can help you stay healthy with conditions such as diabetes, obesity, arthritis, high cholesterol and blood pressure with a 12 week program.

“Without all of this, we will eventually end up in poor health. When that happens, no medicine will cure us. The prescribed medicine will only help us to cope with the symptoms and can make things worse,” he said. The only way to cure or at least drastically improve the disease is to address its cause, our lifestyle, “he says.

Diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, hypertension, Alzheimer’s and other illnesses can be commonly attributed to our lifestyle today – including our diet and exercise.

So why 12 weeks? This is the time when we need to change our behavior completely. Andy explains: “It takes about 12 weeks for a long-term behavioral change to fully adapt to new beneficial habits while getting rid of bad habits.”

Learn how to stay healthy and fit through a 12 week program.

This program is a common understanding approach to both diet and exercise that cannot change all lifestyle issues, or at least improve many.

It provides the body with all the essential nutrients it needs and the exercise needed to improve your cardiovascular capacity (as your heart and lungs work to get oxygen around your body). And it will also help to strengthen and improve muscle tone – which is essential for improving your cardiovascular capacity. Improve joints and balance and mobility.

This is not an immediate weight loss plan – although it can be used this way – it is an opportunity to make real chan
ges in your lifestyle that will release excess body fat, tremendous in your health and fitness. It will improve and your quality of life will increase.

What the program includes:

* Initial consultation for setting health goals / objectives

* Health / Body Analysis Check and check on Week 6 and Week 12 to monitor progress.

* Diet (List of permitted ‘real’ foods)

* Exercise program (3 sessions per week)

* Continued support, advice and encouragement

Food ‘Permission’ is a list of natural ‘real’ whole foods that nature provides us. When these foods are eaten close to their purest form, they will provide the body with all the nutrients and natural energy it needs to function effectively, leading to many of today’s lifestyle-related health problems. Will also help to fix or remove it.

“Everything you put into your body affects how it works,” says Andy. “Fuddy food can’t survive.”

This exercise is a combination of resistance / weight training and HIIT (High Intensity Intro Training) three to four times a week with progress – all aimed at improving cardiovascular function and strengthening your muscles and To tone

Participants never have to go to the gym if they don’t want to, and can do everything at home by following the online program. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how fit or incompetent you are but the desire to change the program and stick to it is essential to see results.

You can expect to exercise four times a week with weight / resistance based sessions and HIIT (high intensity interval training). No session lasts more than 30 minutes, except for warm-ups and coolings.

“People will struggle for the first few weeks, but it’s an investment in your future,” says Andy. “If I can do it around 50, anyone can do it.”

How do I know it works?

After the initial consultation, clients will receive a health check-up and anatomy analysis to assess the signs of health. Follow-up screenings will be held on Week 6 and Week 12 to monitor progress and you will receive ongoing support, advice and encouragement from not only the ‘Team’ but also the ‘Club’ members who are experiencing the same journey. shall be.

The man behind the program

When former footballer Andy Cowling was in his mid-forties, he struggled to move without pain, let alone on the field. But now he is fitter and leaner than ever, and has managed to eliminate any medication and says he no longer has any symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis that was ruining his life. So now through his business, Health Transformer Club, he is helping to improve the health and well-being of others through this carefully controlled program of diet and exercise.

Want to hear what other people have to say?

Andy has successfully changed the health and well-being of many people who suffer from poor health, which has greatly improved their quality of life.

Visit the website to see the video testimonials and news section to read more about the amazing achievements of change. “We change lives,” says Andy.

If you want to know more about the program read more on the website Here And contact Andy for a chat on 07880 557826 or email. [email protected]

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