May 26, 2022

The proposed development will consist of bungalows, separate and semi-detached houses.

The request was initially approved by the committee in November 2019 but has been amended to accommodate properties that constitute “social housing” requirements.

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Principal Planning Officer Gary McGuinness told the meeting that the total number of proposed new properties has not changed, although some have increased in size and the back garden has increased.

Entrance to the Minorca Drive area of ​​Carrickfergus. Image by Google

“Overall the layout is acceptable with different types of houses including bungalows.”

Robert Logan, counsel for the Lauren Lowe Alliance, said he wanted to confirm that this was just an amendment to the previous petition and that “there is no major change” with the same number of houses and layouts.

Mr McGuinness explained that the standard of social housing is different.

Lauren Low DUP Alderman Paul Reid commented: “This is good news.”

Bobby Hayden, an independent councilor from Nakag, said: “There is a great need for social housing in Kirkfargus.

Nokag Alliance Alderman Noel Williams said: “I am delighted to support the request.

The head of the planning committee, Balemina DUP Alderman Audrey Wells, assured that the collapsed curbs would be installed where there would be accommodation for the disabled.

Mr McGuinness emphasized that the standard would be met.

The councilors voted unanimously to approve the petition.

Commenting on earlier developments, DUP MLA David Hilditch said: “As an elected representative of East Antrum, all I know about the current lack of social housing available across the board is my office. It continues to deal with a growing number of housing cases, which are becoming more difficult due to a shortage of stocks and low social housing business.

The proposal by Choice is welcome, with 146 new homes being built in three phases, including two-bedroom, three-bedroom and four-bedroom homes, wheelchair houses and a small number of wheelchair bungalows.

“We continue to lobby for more social housing in the town as demand increases. Hopefully this latest development will ease some of the pressure on the system at this time.”

Michelle Weir, Local Democracy Reporter

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