August 7, 2022

CELEBS Go dating star Nikita Jasmine is wearing lace lingerie for a stunning underwear shoot.

The model managed to gain notoriety at Meredith at First Sight UK before she was taken off the show in just six weeks for “unacceptable” behavior.


Nikita has taken off her underwear in a new shoot.Credit: Backgrid
The star donated a Lacey to Peace set for great shots.


The star donated a Lacey to Peace set for great shots.Credit: Backgrid

Nikita, 27, is showing a soft spot in the E4 series Celebs Go Dating, as she tries to find the perfect man.

The star has now taken off her underwear in a new chit-chat shoot – which will undoubtedly catch the attention of many of her fans.

Showing off her assets in a blue lace lingerie, the pictures show her lying on a large bed covered with a silk-pink sheet and posing in the shower.

In another, Nikita is wearing a two-piece pink underwear set, leaning over a marble make-up dresser to look in the mirror.

The star can also be seen in the yellow set, complete with small red rose details, as she poses long on a pink chair.

This is when Nikita cried over her failed romance when she talked about her insecurities on Celebs Go Dating.

Talking about her soft side in the series, Nikita explained: “People saw me discussing Meredith at First Sight and it went viral on social media. It was crazy.

“Trolls were sending me a lot of hate and talking in public. Someone even called me a stink on the face. A big man.

“Now with Celebs Go Dating they have seen a different side of me and that is that I am a normal girl who is a little loud but has a girl’s code and manners. I get a lot of love now.”

Experts Anna Williamson and Paul Kirk Bernson are on a mission to find the perfect man after a struggle with dating.

Responding to tears, he said: “People say the type I go for is a stereotypical boy, and I don’t like to use that term because I don’t think you can brush everything with one brush. Based on their appearance.

“The first two years of our relationship with my ex-partner were amazing, we were soul mates. I was convinced that I was going to marry this boy and have children with him, and one night he It was a little disturbing and I was like, ‘Is everything alright?’

“It was like, ‘I don’t want to be with you anymore, Nikita, I’m sorry, I can’t do this, I don’t want this life, I don’t want this house, I don’t want to be with you.’

“I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I’m scared to fall in love again. I’m nervous.”

Nikita rose to prominence last year when she participated in the sixth series of Meredith at First Sight UK.

She was married to Ant Pool on the show, but her time on the show was short because she was removed for “unacceptable” behavior.

Nikita – who is known for being good friends with the Jordi Shore cast – has been in many other shows as well.

The beauty appeared on Your Face or Mine and MTV’s True Love or True Lies with her ex-boyfriend Billy.

Nikita did a series of sexy poses for the camera.


Nikita did a series of sexy poses for the camera.Credit: Backgrid
He described in detail how happy he was that people had seen him. "Soft side" Celebs on Go Dating


He described in detail how happy he was that people saw his “soft side” on Celebs Go Dating.Credit: Backgrid

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