May 28, 2022

CHLOE Radford mocked his “savage” father Noel on the latest episode of Kids and Counting on Wednesday night, when he made fun of him for losing a gong at the British Pie Awards.

Noel and his daughter were both hoping for success at this prestigious event – sponsors with their Wagon Green Thai option and Chloe with their chicken and prosciutto options.


Chloe Radford scoffed at her ‘savage’ father Noel when he mocked her for losing 22 children and her Pie Award for counting.Credit: Channel 5
As she opened the pie, she burst out laughing, but still looked confused.


As she opened the pie, she burst out laughing, but still looked confused.Credit: Channel 5

He even went to the seashore at the beginning of the episode to offer the public some free flavors, to get some advice on what he could change.

And after making some small adjustments, he was ready to include his Radford’s Family Pies in the awards.

A few days later, Noel received word that his Noel’s Wagon Special had claimed the silver prize at the ceremony, when Chloe left empty-handed.

And he couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to hug his daughter.

“To be honest, I want them both to do well,” he explained.

“But at the end of the day, yes, I wanted to beat Chloe. Just because we’re so competitive.

“And I know that if it were, she would do something to me, just to get me together.

“She’s going to hate me for it, I know she is, but I don’t care, because it’s ridiculous.”

Noel then wrapped one of his award-winning wagon pies in silver paper with a silver bow on it, and presented it to Chloe.

As she opened it, she looked a little upset, asking Noel: “Why did you give me a wagon pie?”

“Look at the paper, what’s the color?” He replied happily, to which Chloe replied, “Silver.”

"This is savage, Baba!" Chloe said as she told him she didn't win any prizes for her pie.


“It’s wild, Dad!” Chloe said as she told him she didn’t win any prizes for her pie.Credit: Channel 5
Noel looked excited when Chloe opened the gift.


Noel looked excited when Chloe opened the gift.Credit: Channel 5

“She won the Silver Award!” He added: “Now ask me where is your pie?”

When Chloe forced it, she replied: “You didn’t win anything.”

Despite laughing, Chloe said to her father: “It was wild, Dad! Where did you get it?”

“I thought I was going to wrap you up because I know you would have hurt me if you had won and not me,” Noel defended himself.

The pair hoped to win the British Pie Awards.


The pair hoped to win the British Pie Awards.Credit: Channel 5
But only Noel's pie has won the award.


But only Noel’s pie has won the award.Credit: Channel 5

And Chloe admitted that maybe that was true, as she replied: “Yes, touch!”

Viewers were also quick to consider Noel teasing his daughter, with a tweet: “Oh, that’s not good, Noel! # 22KidsAnd Counting.”

Elsewhere in the episode, the family competed because they burned some energy in half the time.

Knoll ruined the hundred with a 1,000 gift this Valentine’s Day.

And with the announcement of Chloe’s pregnancy, the family set will be even bigger.

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