August 10, 2022

New data show that coronavirus infections have dropped by 27% in the past month.

Today, 54,218 more people tested positive for the bug, down from 75,041 new infections on January 16.


According to data from the State Office for National Statistics (ONS), the number of people who tested positive for covid last week has dropped.Credit: PA

That’s nine percent less than the daily infection of the previous week, when 68,214 people tested positive for the bug.

Sadly, 28 days after the positive corona virus test, another 199 people have died.

While this is lower than last week’s rate of 276, it is higher than last month’s time when 91 people lost their lives on January 16.

This comes at a time when figures from the Office for National Statistics show that one in 20 people in the UK now has this bug.

The number of people testing positive for covid in England has dropped over the past week, with around 2,449,100 people being infected.

Infection rates have dropped in most regions except the southwest, where experts say the trend is “uncertain.”

The number of people taking the positive test also varies with age groups, with rates ranging from 2 years to 6 years of school.

The lowest rates for the week ending February 12 were among those aged 70 and over.

Sarah Craft, head of analytical outputs at CoVID-19 Infection Survey, said: “Infections across the UK fluctuate steadily. Our latest figures show recent declines in England and Wales, while the latest trends. Uncertainties in Scotland, Northern Ireland.

“Nursery and primary school age children continue to form groups with the highest levels of infection, which we will continue to monitor so that we can measure the effects of the half-term vacation.”

While people are still infected with the corona virus, the majority of people who catch omekron are experiencing mild, cold-like symptoms.

Get protection.

The best way to protect yourself and others is to get the corona virus vaccine, and it was announced today that the pharmaceutical company Moderna will be the first company in the UK to test its Omicron booster.

This will be the first major study in the UK to use a vaccine that is not based on the original Wuhan strain of the virus.

Health Secretary Sajid Javed said: “The UK is a world leader when it comes to research and development of vaccines and medicines.

“It’s amazing to see these abilities being put to good use. About 3,000 people are expected to take part in this important clinical trial.

“I urge anyone who is eligible to participate in this important study to play their part in protecting the country for years to come as we are learning to live with the Quaid 19.”

The Moderna trial will test the new jaw as the third or fourth dose and will be run from 29 hospitals in England, Scotland and Wales.

Healthy volunteers 16 years of age and older will be eligible for the trial unless they have a quaid from November 2021.

They may not have been vaccinated in the last three months, but they must have two doses so that the new job can be used as a third or fourth booster dose.

The US firm redesigned the vaccine after tests showed that real jobs did not provide good protection against catching Omicron because it had changed so much.

Excellent protection

Ministers have planned annual vaccine vaccinations for high-risk people – and the use of foods made for specific types of foods should mean fewer jobs.

Studies have shown that protection against Omicron from existing vaccines begins to decline after a few months, even with booster.

This came after UKHSA experts examined a lengthy study of Covid and found that vaccination reduced the risk of the condition by half.

About 1.3 million Britons still have symptoms more than a month after the seizure of the quill, but a single bite can stop it.

Dr Marie Ramsay, head of vaccines at UKHSA, said: “Vaccination is the best way to protect yourself from serious symptoms when you have an infection and can also help reduce the long-term effects.”

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