May 26, 2022

The Bali Carrie 100 Exhibition is part of Northern Ireland’s 100th Anniversary Commemoration and will feature 100 artifacts from the village’s past, as well as static exhibits created over the years by the community group.

The event is part of a broader project funded by the Northern Ireland Office’s Joint History Fund, managed by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

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Exhibitions will include James and Weaver poets and other village heritage. And while most locals may have heard of James O’Rourke, there’s likely to be a new addition to the Edward Teddy Bear Village story.

Edward Teddy Bear, a reminder of the kindness of the Bali Carrie people to the local lady Valerie Betty.

Bear Valerie has significant emotional significance for Betty, a former chairperson of the community group and a well-known local businesswoman.

Valerie was six years old when she contacted Polio, one of Bali Kerry’s seven children, to do so during the polio epidemic. At this stage of her youth, she had to spend time alone in Pardes Burn Fever Hospital, where she remained for nine months. Valerie was educated at the Old Presbyterian Church’s Sunday School, and one day was allowed to see Minister Rev. John Baig, and he brought a bear.

“Ravi Beg told the Sunday school kids about my hospital stay and they brought their money and they wanted to buy me a toy. I can remember it like yesterday. Ravi Beg brought a teddy bear.” All your friends are thinking of you and this teddy is your friend till you get home, ‘he said.

“A vaccine was developed the following year, but it was too late for me and the others. However, I am happy to be alive. There are those who did not.

An old concert poster from a century ago that will be on display.

The teddy bear still has a place of pride in the house and has its own special chair.

It is one of a wide variety of artifacts to be exhibited, including milk bottles, books, 1960s children’s shoes, antique shop items, photographs and even one from the village’s BB Farm. Old posters are also included. The concert was held in February 1922, a century ago.

The exhibition opens to the public on Friday (February 18) at 8pm, and opens at 10am on Saturdays, with the last entry being at 4pm. Admission is £ 3.00.

Ahead of the main opening ceremony on Friday evening, a modern chapter in the history of the community center will be unveiled with two plaques unveiled and named after two rooms at the center in memory of past members Hessie Heuron and Anne Gilbert who were both caretakers. Of the center

The family and guests will join the short association with members of the community association at 7.30pm before the doors open to the public at 8pm.

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The walls of Bali Kerry photography help tell the story of the village.

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