May 28, 2022

Marvin Curry is ready to join the hundreds of fundraisers united against dementia after the darkness of the charity’s GLOW walk in the Titanic Quarter on Friday, March 4, after first-hand the devastating effects of dementia. She is determined to shed light on dementia after taking care of her mother at home during her dementia journey.

Marvin, an engineer in the food industry, wanted to volunteer at a glue event to pay tribute to his beloved mother, Hannah Currie, who died in 2002 at the age of 85. His father died of cancer in 1988 at the age of 79 and he was the only surviving member of the family. He and his mother became very close. “She was devastated when I lost her and I tried to lift her heart but it was very difficult,” he said.

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After Robert’s death, Hina enjoyed good health for seven years, but Marvin began to notice that she was in a coma from time to time. However, it was not until she recognized her home that she knew something was wrong.

Marvin Currie poses with his parents Hannah and Robert Curry.

“That night is a mile away,” he said. “You used to shake your ribs when Amy wanted to say something quietly. And when we got closer to the house, she gave me a light sigh and said, ‘Do these people know we’re coming?’ ‘

After falling into the house, he was taken to hospital and later diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Hannah had always said that she wanted to take care of the house and Marvin was determined to respect her wishes. She cared for her with her full-time job, with the help of family and caregivers who came daily. It had an emotional effect on her, and she found herself angry at losing or forgetting her mother’s belongings, but after admitting she had a ‘brain disease’, things got easier.

But it was very difficult when she died. I thought it was because he had Alzheimer’s that I wouldn’t miss him so much, but the damage was still huge because we were so close, “he said.” Yes, I find this special role in my life to be the most rewarding. It was a privilege and an honor and a blessing and power of God.

Mervyn, who decided to volunteer at two vaccination centers during the epidemic, decided to volunteer for this year’s Alzheimer’s Society Belfast Glow Walk to help other people with dementia. The victims are taking care of their loved ones. They will be joined by people of all ages and walks of life from the Titan Tank Quarter to colorful walks around the Lagan River and many historical sites of the past. Participants are encouraged to wear neon clothing, bring glue sticks and wear their brightest clothing to raise funds and raise awareness for the 22,000 people living with dementia in NI.

Bernadine McCrory, Country Director for the Alzheimer’s Society of Northern Ireland, said: “We would like to thank Marvin and all the wonderful volunteers who helped us with the GLOW event this March.” To join them on March 4, sign up at

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