May 27, 2022

Half time social media warning

With most students enjoying the mid-term break this month, the holidays are back on the table.

The excitement of traveling abroad is palpable – especially in the face of epidemics – and many people will document their trips online.

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However, mid-term vacationers can put themselves at risk by sharing highlights of their travels with friends and family on social media.

With international travel it seems like it was once before the epidemic, thousands of families are traveling abroad this month.

According to an expert at a cybersecurity firm, cybercriminals will try to exploit breakers during breaks.

Mike Wells, director of strategy and policy at cyber and data security firm CSS Assure, said: . “

“Social media is a great way to connect and share with people, but unless used wisely and carefully, your friends and family will not be able to see your posts.

“You would expect privacy settings to be on by default for whatever social media platform you choose to use. Unfortunately, they are rare, and that could mean Anything you post – whether it’s ideas, photos, videos or places – can be viewed by anyone with a platform account. “

Mike said cybercriminals actively use social media to gather opportunity and intelligence – whether they seek to target individuals or reinforce information so that they can successfully socialize an attack. Engineers can do it, Mike said.

He added: “If your privacy settings are not set, they can see the information you are posting. When combined, it becomes intelligent and can be used to develop a targeting strategy.

“People post all kinds of information on social media: email address, mobile number, address and much more. But it’s not always about what is written – it’s also information that presents pictures and videos. Can be, such as jewelry, expensive cars or other luxury assets, as well as the fact that you are away from home and it can be empty. “

How To Protect Yourself From Cybercriminals

“Start by turning on the privacy settings for all your social media accounts,” Mike said.

“Information on how to do this for each platform is readily available on Google and by doing so it can ensure that only those with whom you are connected can see what you post.

“Of course, it only controls what you post, so with friends and family they are able to set boundaries with what they post about you – especially if their privacy. Unable to start settings.

“Next, avoid tagging your location in real time. If someone is watching, they can easily see that you are not at home or that you are wearing expensive jewelry at a particular place, for example. ۔

“The use of strong passwords is an important cyber-flexibility exercise. Doing so means that cybercriminals are unlikely to gain unauthorized access to your account, allowing them to change your privacy settings or engage in social engineering.” May enable the collection of information for the purposes of

“It is also important not to use the same password in multiple accounts. If a site is compromised and your credentials are exposed, your risk is greatly increased if you use the same password. Word is used in many other accounts.

“Finally, turn on two-factor authentication. This will enable you to determine if someone is trying to gain access to your account and take appropriate action.

“Safe use of social media is now a life skill and everyone should take some time to learn it. As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. Practice now instead of regretting later. Do it. “

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