May 26, 2022

HEINEKEN warns that the price of beer, including Amstel and Birra Moretti, is likely to rise as a result of inflation.

The beer maker announced in a statement that it expects to be “significantly affected by inflation and flexible supply chain pressures”.


Heineken says it expects beer prices to rise due to inflation.Credit: Alamy

He said the sharp rise in commodity, energy and freight prices would push up costs.

The company said higher production costs – such as barley and aluminum – would be delivered to consumers due to disruptions in the supply chain.

He also suggested that an increase in the price of beer could make people drink less.

A recent statement reads: “We will meet the increase in input costs entirely through pricing, which may ease beer consumption.”

Although the company announced that it had recorded better-than-expected profits in 2021, Hanken said the epidemic was still hampering its business.

In addition to rising inflation, a slow recovery in nightlife could affect its revenue for 2022.

The price increase announced by the brewery is expected to put further pressure on pub owners, who will be forced to make difficult decisions.

Dave Mountford, founder of the Forum of British Pubs, believes this could lead to fewer beer choices for consumers.

He said: “Pubs are already in short supply – I’m sure pub owners will start focusing only on their brands which will further reduce the selection and also limit microbreweries. Which have already reduced market access. “

This came after the founder and chairman of Cobra Beer warned consumers that the price of its liquor would go up just a week ago.

The group was facing price pressures “in every way” when it came to making wine, said Kiran Blimoria.

He said that while the company was trying to “absorb the maximum increase in prices”, it warned buyers to expect price increases.

“It means businesses have to set prices, and if you have to set prices, it certainly means higher prices for consumers,” he said.

Earlier, we revealed that beer drinkers have to pay 50p more for a pint to avoid breaking pubs.

This means that some painters may have to pay more than £ 7 for a pint in London.

The average price of a pint in the UK is currently £ 4.07, according to the British Beer and Pub Association.

And beer is not the only wine that is rising in price – so is wine.

Households face an additional 20% payment for bottles of Plunk this year – up to 40 8.40 under a £ 7 bottle increase.

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