May 27, 2022

Naomi Campbell, staring into her glasses and holding her naked baby to her chest, is literally a model mother.

And that character suits him – the supermodel looks better than ever and, just three months after turning 52, can easily pass from decades to decades younger.


Naomi Campbell is literally a model mom.
The 21-year-old supermodel looks better than ever.


The 21-year-old supermodel looks better than ever.

Yesterday, Vogue Magazine unveiled its stunning cover shot with Naomi’s nine-month-old daughter, whose name has not yet been released.

Naomi has lived a life of jet setting wealth and glamor – but she believes that one child can beat them all.

She says: “I always knew I would be a mother one day, but it was the greatest joy I could ever imagine. I am lucky to have her and I know it.

Such a picture of domesticity is a far cry from wild parties, breaking the law and inappropriate boyfriends who once turned one of the world’s most famous devas into a dog.

After spending time recovering from drug addiction in 1999, Naomi performed a five-day community service in 2007 after she threw her jewelry-laden BlackBerry phone at her housemaid, Anna Scalavin.

There was also an incident at Heathrow Airport in 2008, when he was repeatedly dropped off at a lost luggage and confessed to assaulting, insulting and using threatening words or behavior on a police officer. ۔ He was asked to do 200 hours of community service and was fined.

And in August 2009, he was convicted by a Sicilian court of killing a paparazzi with his handbag, tearing his eye out, and was sentenced to six months in prison.

‘Over the moon’

Over the years, Naomi has changed her ways, and now she’s finally finding the happiness she was looking for.

He recently revealed that he quit smoking and swam in the ocean for “an hour or two a day.”

On her YouTube series No Filter, she described how she became a fan of the beautiful Chinese exercise Tai Chi, adding: “It’s a slow walk, but I liked it – mentally, I liked it. . “

When the lockdown happened, like many people, it seemed that Naomi realized what was important in her life.

In October 2020, he buried his beloved Gran Ruby, who died at the age of 94, and revealed that he had lost a friend to suicide during an epidemic.

A source told The Sun last year: “Naomi has been really happy for the last year and is in a great place in life.

“She is living in the US with her boyfriend and is really happy. At last she realized that this is the best time to be a mother and she is on the moon.

“The first lockdown allowed him to stop and look at the important things and he decided that now is the time to consider starting a family.”

And Naomi must have finally found strong love – judging by the giant diamond on her engagement ring in the cover shot – after some serious question marks.

Surprisingly, he dated One Direction singer Liam Payne, who is 23 years his junior, for four months in 2018, but found it “a little too flat” according to a source at the time.

Earlier, another rumored toy boy was Graeme artist Skepta, who is 12 years younger than Naomi, and had a brief relationship with rapper PD in 2002.

Otherwise, he has dated the tycoons and high-flyers, including Egyptian tobacco owner Louis C. Camilleri, Toyota heir Hassan Jamil, Beniton clothing company director Flavio Briator, U2 bassist Adam Clayton and actors Robert De Niro and Leonardo. DiCaprio is included.

Her romance with Russian businessman Vladislav Doronin from 2008 to 2013 revealed that she allegedly wanted to start a family with him.

A friend said: “She was upset with Dorothy for not having a baby and she loved it, but he didn’t want to do it.

“She has talked a lot about having children and feeling very motherly.”

Perhaps her desire for a family came from her own rather unusual childhood. She never met her father, and her mother, Valerie Morris-Campbell, was often absent because she worked as a dancer all over the world.

When Valerie was away, Naomi’s aunts, Yvonne and Jane, set out to hire a teenage model – who had just been discovered by the boss of a modeling agency at the age of 15 – for jobs in Europe’s fashion capitals.

On his way home from Stratham, South London, Granny Ruby of Jamaica taught him how to restrain himself.

After never meeting her father, the famous supermodel never saw a partner as a necessity.

She said in 2014, when she was 43 years old: “I want to have children, whether I have a man or not. I will get it on my own” stating that “science” at any age. It can help.

Now, she is said to be raising her daughter in New York with her unnamed multi-millionaire boyfriend.

When she shocked the world last May by announcing a “beautiful little blessing has chosen me to be her mother”, many questioned whether she had used a surrogate.

All she can say about this is that the baby was not adopted – and that she likes to sing nursery rhymes and play with dolls with her daughter.

She also admits that she has been encouraging her old friends to follow her lead and have children of her own.

For more than a decade, Naomi has visited orphanages in places like Nigeria, Jamaica and Kenya.

In another YouTube film, Meet My Chosen Family, she reveals her maternity side with children at Kenya’s Rising Sun Orphanage, many of whom she has known since she was a child.

“I like taking them to the beach and dancing with them,” he said.

The first lockdown allowed him to stop and review the important things and he decided that now is the time to properly consider starting a family.

“I love them unconditionally.”

And she has been mentoring young models who affectionately call her “Auntie”.

One, Adut Akech, even called her “Mama”, and said: “Naomi is my family and will always be.”

Naomi said of her role: “I am like a mother and I do not want to see my children go astray.”

And last July, he was announced as the Platinum Jubilee Global Ambassador for the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, which invests in young leaders from all over the world. “It’s an honor for me to be playing such a big role,” Naomi said.

Some people may be surprised at Naomi’s decision to become a middle-aged mother, others may criticize her.

But it has gained more confidence in its 50s.

Busy schedule

Earlier in October 2020, describing herself as “working in progress”, she said: “If it seems like something is right, and if I fit her in as a 50-year-old woman, I Sign up! “

Although many things have changed for the South London-born star, reading this reassures that Naomi – who is known for being late in terms of fashion – is also on schedule for her interview with Vogue. Was behind

Their actual meeting was scheduled for 34 days, but was delayed due to Naomi’s incredibly busy schedule, and was eventually held on a video call during a flight between the UK and Qatar.

There is no doubt that she is looking for the joys of being a working mother (albeit with a nanny).

She’s been on catwalks in London, Milan and Paris this season, pushing things along with 18-year-olds, as well as working on an upcoming Apple documentary series, The Supermodels. Have been

Fortunately, her daughter – who is happy to travel the world with Naomi – looks like an angel.

Nomi said: “She’s a good girl. She sleeps very well. She rarely cries.”

So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange.

  • The full interview is available from February 22 in the March edition of British Vogue.

What a first child debut!

By word of mouth

In the age of social media, when every spit, cough and toilet break is documented, it takes a lot to truly shock the celebrity world.

That’s what Naomi Campbell did with her latest Vogue cover.

At 51, the supermodel gave birth to her first daughter, confirming that she was nine months old biologically. And what a debut.

Much has already been said about whether Naomi was (relatively) selfish enough to have a child so late in life.

This is 2022, not 1922; 50 is barely half age.

Naomi has the shape of a racing snake. She is extremely fit and with millions of pounds, she clearly takes care of herself. Her baby will not want anything.

Or, as Jet Setting Naomi interviewed her – flying to Qatar at an altitude of 40,000 feet – “I’m lucky my little one likes to travel like me – not take off or landing”.

This will be first class for you, Naomi.

At some point we all have to grow up.

Naomi – who spat at police officers on a 2008 flight who was sentenced to 200 hours of community service – finally did just that.

Good luck with that.

Pictured here in 2007, Naomi has lived a life of jet setting wealth and glamor


Pictured here in 2007, Naomi has lived a life of jet setting wealth and glamor
Naomi, who was pictured here with her mother in 1989, has now found the happiness she was looking for.


Naomi, who was pictured here with her mother in 1989, has now found the happiness she was looking for.
Pictured in 1997, it gained more confidence in its 50's.


Pictured in 1997, it gained more confidence in its 50’s.
Over the last few years, Naomi has changed her ways in this photo contest in 2008.


Over the last few years, Naomi has changed her ways in this photo contest in 2008.
Naomi Campbell, 50, glows when she first sees her baby girl.

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