May 28, 2022

After a nine-year engagement, snooker champion Ronnie O’Sullivan and his fiance Leila Ross have taken time out of their relationship.

Former Holby City star Leila used Instagram Stories to announce the two yesterday.


Ronnie O’Sullivan and his fiance Leila Roas have asked for time on their relationship.Credit: REX
Ronnie poses with his mother (left) and sister


Ronnie poses with his mother (left) and sisterCredit: Ampex

The 50-year-old, who also played the role of Amber Gates in the footballers’ wives, wrote: “After almost ten years of love and memories, Ronnie and I have decided to separate.”

The Sun believes Ronnie, 46, has left his marital home in Essex to move to Liverpool. But the couple has been separated for months.

The split came as Ronnie’s father, Ronnie Sunner, 67, announced his romance with 34-year-old Instagram user Tiffany Kishner.

An insider told The Sun: “This is a blow to poor Ron. Especially this week his father is showing his new Miss.

“Laila was a support for him but they are separated.

“Earlier he was telling friends that Ron is away from training, hopefully things will get better between them. But now he has decided to stay apart.

“Ron is very calm and he’s a really nice guy. It looks like a friendly split so hopefully we don’t see him going back to the old days.

Rooney, from Chugwell, Essex, played his first snooker world championship at The Crucible in 1993 at the age of 17 – and has won the title six times.

But his early career was marked by alcoholism, drugs and depression, as well as a terrible family life.

In 1992, father Ronnie Sunner, a sex shop businessman, was jailed for stabbing the driver of gangster Charlie Carrey.

But Ronnie always stood by his father, dedicating his first world championship title to him in 2001.

And as Rocket’s career reached new heights, without his father’s guidance, he began to enjoy a higher life a little more.

Rooney, who has three children of his own, said: “I was just partying a little bit and as I said when I won that tournament I thought I would make it.

“I’ll get some money, I had a nice house, I had a nice car, I was alone. So I can do what I want when I really like it. I probably chose the wrong company. But it really caught me. I took my eye off the ball.

“I wasn’t really paying attention to snooker and I wasted maybe five years of my career just messing around in reality.”

‘Too much partying’

At the 1996 World Championships, O’Sullivan arrived at a press room scrap when his guest was asked to leave.

He later confessed to the attack and was fined £ 20,000 and banned for two years by the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association.

That same year, his mother, Sicilian Maria, was sentenced to one year in prison for tax evasion.

When she returned home, she found Ronnie’s girlfriend, Sally-Ann Magnus, moving out of prison.

Ronnie’s drinking and drug abuse eventually led to his separation shortly before the birth of his daughter, Taylor Ann.

She described how she grew up with her father’s repeated disappointments, including when she once promised to wave him on TV.

Taylor Ann, 26, said: “I sat by the TV and waited – but he didn’t do it. It really bothered me.”

Now a mother herself, she told The Sun in 2018 that she had met her father only 12 times in her life and claimed that she had never met her granddaughter Zara Ann.

Uber driver Taylor added: “Being real parents has shown me what’s important in life.”

After serving his snooker ban, Rooney won the Irish Masters against Ken Doherty in 1998 – but was stripped of the title after testing positive for cannabis.

In the two years that followed, he carefully linked drug use to major tournaments. Writing in his 2014 Running Biography, he said: “I remember going to every World Championships and thinking, ‘I can’t wait for this tournament to end because there are no more drug tests after that. Yes, I can go out and break it.

“I was caught once in my career, but that’s all. I was tested between events, and I was trying to make a complete decision so that no drugs remained in my system.”

He soon got better at 15 pints of guinea fowl a day and his habit of spraying from behind – and he was applying for rehabilitation in 2000.

He later said: “I was getting up early in the morning, drinking, eating joint, just to work all day. Which never felt good because I thought, ‘I do these kinds of things. I don’t want to depend on it.

She worked at The Priory Clinic in 2000, and won the Champions Cup later that year.

After the victory, he said: “I have been on a tumultuous treadmill which was a nightmare for my family and friends. This victory belongs to those who stand by me in all my troubles.

‘Treadmill of Termwell’

He met his second serious girlfriend, Joe Langley, at Narcotics Anonymous – and she credited him with helping her overcome her addiction.

Despite being cleared, Ronnie was still struggling with his mental health. He walked out in the middle of a match against Stephen Henry in the quarterfinals of the 2006 UK Championships in York.

He later said: “I had a lot of problems at home, with my family life. I didn’t even want to be near the snooker table but I had to go and play because it’s work.

Ronnie and Joe gave birth to daughter Lily in 2006 and son Ronnie Jr. in 2007 but separated after living together for eight years. It came shortly after Ronnie was spotted leaving the car park with a mysterious brunette at 1am.

He said: “Sometimes you get separated. You go in different directions and it’s not my fault, it’s not his fault, that’s it.

After being knocked out of the 2008 China Open, he threw a strap in front of the press. While his answers were being translated into Chinese, he pointed to his back and asked: “Do you want to suck it? Do you want to come over and suck it later?” Someone wanted to give me a drink. Is? Suck my d ** k. “

He later apologized for the anger and said his father must have been disappointed. Ronnie Snr played the role of Cupid for her and Leila, a one-time favorite of the boys.

The actress, who competed hard in 2009, was hunting at home and looking around Ronnie’s house.

He said: “It happened by accident. I was shown around Ronnie’s house by his father, who told his son about meeting me. Ronnie called the estate agent and through him told me. ask.

“When he said he was a snooker player, I said, ‘Yeah, but what does he do for a living?'” Although Ronnie has won me snooker. “

Leila, who had a daughter with the already convicted fraud Nasir Khan, described how he and Roni were struggling to become a mixed family.

Last year, he explained: “It’s a lie if people tell you that mixed families are easy. He’s struggling with it, I’ve struggled with it and Aniz has struggled with it.

‘I felt helpless’

“It requires hard work and you have to be honest with yourself and with each other.”

He added: “At first I thought, ‘This boy is not a stepfather.’

Leila also had an affair with Ronnie’s outspoken mother Maria, who called him *** g.

Rooney’s sister Danielle said in 2020: “Rooney has helped his mother a lot in the past. But when he asked her for 15 15,000 last year, she told me she said, ‘I don’t pay you for it. I am giving! ‘

“She saved me Laila’s number on her phone under ‘The revolving f *** y’ and apparently told Ronnie, ‘She’s just a prostitute, she’ll sleep with anyone.’

But the couple supported each other through thick and thin, Daniel admits: “Ronnie loves Leila very much.”

The actress bowed to Ronnie as she and Aniz were caught in the 2017 Barcelona terrorist attack that killed 13 people.

Ronnie calmed them down on the phone as they hid in the freezer of a restaurant. He said: “I felt helpless. I just wanted them both to be safe. We just kept talking. I was very worried for them. Then she started walking back to her hotel amidst the commotion. We talked until she was back in the room.

Leila admitted that the attack left a mark on her mental health. He said: “You start to think something catastrophic is about to happen. I get on a plane and I think it’s going to crash.

But despite their bond, the two recently signaled in 2019 that they are in no hurry to get married.

Leila said: “I really have to prepare myself for the wedding. We are enjoying our time so there is no hurry.”

Ronnie added: “If something doesn’t go wrong, why fix it? If it’s working, why change the winning formula?”

Now that the relationship is about to end, let’s hope Ronnie puts his formula on the snooker table.

Leila tells how she and Ronnie struggled to become a mixed family.


Leila tells how she and Ronnie struggled to become a mixed family.Credit: REX
Rooney, from Chagwell, Essex, played his first snooker world championship at The Crucible in 1993 at the age of 17 - and has won the title six times.


Rooney, from Chagwell, Essex, played his first snooker world championship at The Crucible in 1993 at the age of 17 – and has won the title six times.Credit: PA
Played Amber Gates as wife of 50-year-old (third from left) footballers.


Played Amber Gates as wife of 50-year-old (third from left) footballers.Credit: ITV
Prince Charles met Leila Ross and Ronnie O'Sullivan at the British Asian Trust Dinner in 2013.


Prince Charles met Leila Ross and Ronnie O’Sullivan at the British Asian Trust Dinner in 2013.Credit: REX
Now the relationship is coming to an end, hopefully Ronnie will put his formula on the snooker table


Now the relationship is coming to an end, hopefully Ronnie will put his formula on the snooker tableCredit: ALAMY

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