May 26, 2022

TrainLine is offering one-third of its rail cards this month – but availability is limited.

You’ll be able to get a 33% discount on all nine rail cards by the end of February, saving up to £ 23 if you choose the three-year option.


You can get one-third discount on Rail Card this month.Credit: Alamy

By using the discount code 33YESPLEASE on the train line, you can reduce your purchases by one third.

It cannot be used with any other train line offer and can only be used to purchase a UK Railcard.

300,000 discounts are available for nine different rail card options.

16-17 Saver offers 50% discount on train fares, while 16-25 Rail Card, 26-30 Rail Card and Senior Rail Card both offer 33% discount.

Family & Friends rail card offers 33% off for adults and 60% off for children across the UK.

The Network Rail Card offers the same discounts as the Family & Friends Rail Card, but only applies to London and the South East of England.

The Together Rail Card offers a 33% discount on ticket fares for two people traveling together.

With the Veterans Rail Card, you can get a 33% discount on train fares for yourself and your designated partner, as well as a 60% discount for children.

People with Disabilities Rail Card gives you and the person traveling with you a 33% discount on train fares.

Generally, all rail cards can be used for discounted train fares during off-pack times, weekends and public holidays.

Some can be used during peak hours with minimal fares, such as age-related rail cards, and disabled people’s rail cards can be used at any time.

All rail cards are £ 30 for one year except for the disabled rail card which costs £ 20.

Some rail cards also have a three year option of £ 70, which will be available for £ 47 with the latest discount code.

People rushed to grab the offer and some shared their purchases on social media.

But one said Extreme Couponing and Bargaining Facebook Group“It works! I got one over the weekend and paid the same price I would have to pay for both the train card and the ticket alone.”

Another said that the discount didn’t work when they copied and pasted the code but when it was typed it passed.

Some weren’t sure if they should accept the offer because they currently have a rail card, in which one said: “I ended up in July, is it worth doing now or I Wait? “

Discounted rail cards are available for purchase on the company’s website.

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