May 26, 2022
Hurricane Arun brought huge waves crashing into the northern bay.

Bad weather is expected to bring winds of up to 70 mph in large parts of the Northeast and is expected to cause widespread disruption.

The Meteorological Department has issued a weather warning for Scarborough and Whitby from 2pm to midnight today. Yellow wind warning has been issued since 1 pm tomorrow.

Met Office chief meteorologist Frank Sanders said: “An active jet stream is helping to operate low pressure systems across the country. Both storms could cause some disruption and a severe national weather warning has been issued. ۔

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Trees were uprooted across the city and roads were closed for several hours.

“One of the main themes of the current forecast is strong storms with strong winds from both Hurricane Dudley and Storm Eunice. The strongest winds from Dudley will be in the north on Wednesday afternoon, as shown in the Amber Warning Area. Has gone

“Hurricane Eunice is expected to make an easterly course on Friday, bringing the strongest winds to the central and southern parts of the UK, with some gusts of up to 95 mph in coastal areas expected. . “

Scarborough Council is urging residents to avoid coastal areas because of the risk of large waves in the area.

Emergency services have urged residents to be vigilant in the event of a storm.

North Yorkshire Police said those trapped in the storm should be alert to debris and check for any road closures or updates before traveling.

Officers said to avoid sea walls and call 999 and ask the Coast Guard if you see anyone in trouble in the water, or if you see the inland fire service.

North Yorkshire Police say drivers who encounter a fallen tree or debris should not attempt to remove it, and call 999 if there is an immediate danger of an obstruction on a busy road, otherwise North Yorkshire. Call the county council and ask the highways department.

The North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service recommends that garden furniture and play equipment, including trampolines, be packed as they often fly off and can damage property.

Scarborough Council has urged residents to stay away from the coast.

Forests England has closed Dalby Forest from 4pm today due to conditions that make trees very unstable, and the site and trails will be inspected for safety on Friday morning.

What is an amber warning?

Hurricane Dudley carries the risk of travel disruptions, power outages and potential damage, especially in the Amber area and near shores, where large waves can see debris thrown off coastal roads, sea fronts and property.

• Flying debris can potentially injure or endanger life.

نقصان Possible damage to trees, temporary structures and buildings, such as roof tiles

• Longer travel times and the possibility of cancellations, as road, rail, air and ferry services may be affected.

* Some roads and bridges are likely to be closed.

There is a good chance that there may be a power outage, which is likely to affect other services, such as mobile phone coverage.

بڑی Injuries and deaths are endangered by large waves and dumping of beach material on coastal roads, sea fronts and property.

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