May 22, 2022

Let’s be honest – it often feels like there is no victory when you are a stepmother.

If you are too hands-on, you may be accused of trying to change their biological mother – and if you are not involved enough, you may be seen as cold or distant.

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Jess, the mother of seven, responded to the stepmother’s embarrassing comments online.[/caption]


Jess has five biological children and two stepchildren from three relationships.[/caption]

As a seven-year-old mother (including her two stepchildren), this is a topic mother blogger Jess Scoob knows.

Earlier this year, the mother – who has been documenting her life online since becoming pregnant at the age of 17 – retaliated against trolls who embarrassed her view of step-parents. Are

In its viral TikTok videoJess criticized those who claim that her stepchildren are not considered her “real” children.

Giving a list of the worst comments he’s ever received, Jess said the trolls have the guts to tell him: “These are your step kids – not your kids.”

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In addition, Jesse identifies herself as a seven-year-old mother on all of her social media accounts – which trolls have also raised.

He claims that people call him: “You don’t have seven children, you only have five.”

And if that weren’t so bad, Jess says viewers would always remind her that she wasn’t “their real mother.”

That said, Jess didn’t let the comments down and captioned the video: “Where are all my bonus parents?”

The clip has garnered over 114,000 “likes” and clearly influenced a raga with other parents.

“Parents are parents, that’s all,” replied one. “You don’t have to be blood to be someone’s mother.”

Another added: “When you are with someone who has children, they are your children too!

“My daughters have a wonderful stepmother who treats them just like her biological son.”

Meanwhile, a third rage came: “But if you don’t include them, people will go crazy too! There’s no one to please them.”

Jess welcomed her first daughter when she was 17 and separated from her boyfriend Gabriel Esculin shortly after she was born.

When she was single, Jesse reconnected with an old friend.

Shortly after their dating began, the YouTube star found out she was pregnant.

The two got married but three weeks after the marriage he cheated on her.

Despite being pregnant with twins at the time, she filed for divorce the same day she found him and his mistress in her home.


Jess became pregnant for the first time when she was 17 years old.[/caption]

After the birth of their twins, he begged her to take him back and the two reconciled, remarrying at the age of 21.

The couple then learned that their third child was being born together – but just a month before giving birth, they abandoned her and their children.

A mother of four and twice divorced, Jess met Chris Scoob, the only father of two.

The couple got married in 2015 when they were just 24 years old.

Chris and Jess have been together ever since – recently celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary.

A mixed family of six, Jess and her husband welcomed their first child together – their seventh.

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