August 10, 2022

From the choice of ‘unique’ designs to some of the closest places, most tattoo artists in their line of work have seen it all literally.

Getting a tattoo is a very personal decision, and they don’t always plan, which means some people regret their choice.


Tattoo artists have seen it all literally.Credit: Getty

Ian Perry has been a tattoo artist for 18 years, and now nothing has surprised him.

Here, he shares what his job really is and shares insights into some of the strangest situations he has experienced …

Intimate ink

The decision to get a tattoo is just the beginning – along with the design, you also have to choose where to apply the ink on the body.

Ian says: “A day at a tattoo studio is never the same, and it never stops, even when I make drawings and quotes for future tattoos at home.

“Early in my career it seemed like there was a phase in girls getting hip and groin tattoos – often hiding the ex-partner’s initial names!

One woman asked if Ian could tattoo his partner's penis - with his name


One woman asked if Ian could tattoo his partner’s penis – with his nameCredit: Getty

“I even once had a drunken house party tattoo on a girl’s navel area because she let a boy tattoo her name on it.

“I once got a call from an angry woman asking me to tattoo my name on my penis.

“I said I would do it this evening, but it’s safe to say he didn’t show up – I think it could be their end.”

Slave for you

Along with interesting requests, Iain also has some particularly interesting clients.

Says Ann: “In my first shop we had a group of people, a man ‘master’ and two women who were his ‘slaves’.

One of the women asked for a “slave registration number.”

“When I asked her where she was, she dropped her skirt to look at the whole studio – and yes it was going down on her navel.”

Difficult tattoos

Not surprisingly, some areas are more difficult to tattoo than others.

“Whether it’s an intimate area or not, the hygiene system is the same,” says Ian.

“There are some places that are really hard to do.

“The neck and throat are right, because the skin there is very thin and spreading the skin a lot is strange and always painful.

“Fingers are hard as well as fingers.”

Some parts of the body are difficult to tattoo, such as the neck and throat


Some parts of the body are difficult to tattoo, such as the neck and throatCredit: Getty

Tatt is weird

Of course, these are difficult moments, as well as difficult tattoos.

Ian says: “I’m lucky to have the trust of some amazing clients, even one person has a medusa on his arm whose nipple is being bitten by a snake.

“I had a rather embarrassing moment when I asked a woman about booking a tattoo. I told her she would have to wait until the baby was born. Was from

“I apologized with a very red face, but I defended myself that she had just given birth.”

Feeling restless

Of course, where the needles are inserted, some people may feel a little uneasy.

Ian says: “You’ll find weird customers who have a green moment anytime soon, it usually passes very quickly.

“When I was in my first studio, we often fainted and people often got sick, but I also believe that it can be influenced by the environment.

“I haven’t fainted in three years in my current studio.

“A good diet of sugar and Latina does a good job.”

In loving memory of

Despite all her experience, Iain realizes that when a client is happy, he never grows old, especially if tattoo design really makes sense.

Ian says: “The biggest benefit I get from a job is to see people’s faces when I’m done.

“When a customer comes out smiling, sometimes weeping tears of joy, it’s all worth it.

“There have been some bittersweet times, especially when I’ve tattooed the sons and daughters of my friends who have passed away – but it’s great to have the memories of my loved ones from a whole family forever. To be trusted

“A lot of people will get tattoos in someone’s memory, no matter how long you work, it will always be strongly influenced by their stories.”

Some people choose some very unique designs.


Some people choose some very unique designs.Credit: Getty

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