May 27, 2022

If you ask us, there is no more touching tribute than naming your new love bundle after your loved one.

So when the mother welcomed her five children, she did not think twice about encouraging her husband’s family.


The mother has named each of her five children after her husband’s family.Credit: TikTok
All children have traditional Italian names.


All children have traditional Italian names.Credit: TikTok

In a viral video that has garnered more than 123,000 views, TikToker introduces each of his children to his followers.

In addition to naming the children after her Italian husband’s parents, the mother followed in her mother’s footsteps.

He also called his two children Valentino and Valentina after his mother-in-law.

While their eldest is called Antonio, the couple’s other children are Tomasino and Mariano.

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Although the mother thought it was a good sign, her followers argued that it was a “disgrace” that she did not bring her family to mind.

One replied: “I am Italian, I will never call my child like their grandparents … everyone needs a personal name.”

Another added: “It’s all about the husband …”

Meanwhile, a third party argued: “Hahaha no, I gave birth. I decide by name. It will be named after my mother and family.”

In response to the criticism, the mother said: “Everyone is named after my grandparents by my husband, so I decided to follow this tradition.

“Everyone chooses their own.”

When asked why she used two similar names for Valentino and Valentina, Mom replied: “My husband and I talked about it and we thought it was a cute idea. Because there is a gap of 11 months between them. “

In a follow-up video, the mother responds to trolls who argue that her baby’s names are old-fashioned – pointing out that each of them recently met Encanto, Luca, Vivo and Victor. What’s featured in & Valentino.

She named her two children Valentino and Valentina


She named her two children Valentino and ValentinaCredit: TikTok
In the comments, people said it was a


In the comments, people said it was a “disgrace” to her family.Credit: TikTok

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Plus it gives mothers of three and their kids unlimited screen time – trolls call it slow, but I don’t care, it makes life easier.

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